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Tewin update on tree clearing, farming and TCAC

The following communication was received by the CSCA from Michelle Taggart on April 6, 2023:

Dear community members,

I am reaching out on behalf of the Tewin team to let you know that we have completed the tree-cutting and will continue to prepare the site for farming in the coming months. This work includes stump removal and tile draining.

We left a 100-foot (30m) buffer from all adjacent property lines for neighbours to maintain their current view lines. A plan is attached showing the cut area.

The farmer has notified us that they will plant either winter wheat or a cover crop of horseradish for this season, followed by corn next year.

A reminder that TCAC nominations close this Friday. We are happy to say that we already have more than enough applicants to fill the committee, and thank you for your interest. If anyone else would like to apply, please have your submission in by end of day Friday. Further to our recent correspondence, we are looking forward to discussions with the TCAC about our offer for community benefits.

Thank you,

The Tewin Team

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