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Member selection now complete for the Tewin Community Advisory Committee


The following communication went out from Michelle Taggart on May 2nd 2023 to the selected committee members:

The TCAC will be a vital part of the comprehensive planning process, and it will assist in the exchange of information between the local community and the Tewin Project Team (the Algonquins of Ontario, their partner Taggart Group and the consulting team), local political representatives, City Council, and City of Ottawa staff.

We are currently working on scheduling the first meeting of the committee and will reach out to you shortly to confirm the date and agenda. We appreciate your willingness to dedicate your time and energy to this important endeavor, and we look forward to working with you.

The list of successful applicants is:

Adrian Becea (Chair)

Ann Marie Rochon

Denis Labreche

Kelly McInnis

Shawn McNally

Susannah Juteau

Marc Sauve

These recommendations were made in careful consideration of criteria including location, work and volunteer experience, background and unique perspectives to name a few. Having members with various skills and backgrounds will allow for greater representation among community members and encourage unique perspectives and voices are present in the project’s next steps.


The Carlsbad Springs Community Association wishes to thank all community members who volunteered to be part of the committee and notes that the majority of selected members are residents of the Carlsbad Springs and specifically of the area directly impacted by the Tewin development.

The CSCA will persist in pursuing the speedy deployment of the committee and in trying to represent the interests of our community as whole.

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