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Next TCAC Meeting Scheduled Aug 28th

The next meeting of the Tewin Community Advisory Committee is scheduled for August 28th 2023 at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.

The main topic will be the involvement of the Algonquins of Ontario with the Tewin project and the agenda will include the following:

  • Ongoing Streams of Dialogue

  • Design Principles and Design Themes

  • Algonquin Community Engagement

The project's website is Below you can find the presentation from the first meeting, as well as the minutes of that meeting.

2023 05 24 Tewin Community Advisory Committee_To Circulate
Download PDF • 2.97MB

TCACMeeting1_May2023Minutes_ Additions_Final
Download PDF • 202KB

As discussed in the previous meeting, Taggart Investments on behalf of the Tewin Project has made a donation in the sum of 50,000 to the community, to be used for upgrading the water storage infrastructure used by the hockey rink at the community center, as well as to contribute to the Tree For Tree project.

The Tree For Tree project has been initiated by community members to provide a source of native trees for those members who wish to augment their tree cover or to gain additional separation from the new development.

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