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Applications now open for the Tewin Community Advisory Committee

Please see full details, including instructions for submitting your application, here:

This is your chance to have your voice heard during the planning and execution of the new Tewin development in Carlsbad Springs.


Purpose/Mandate of the Tewin Community Advisory Committee

  • The purpose of the Tewin Community Advisory Committee (TCAC) is to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of information between the local community and the Tewin Project Team (the Algonquins of Ontario, their partner Taggart Group and the consulting team), local political representatives, City Council, and City of Ottawa staff.

  • The community planning and design process for Tewin is proposed to advance through an integrated Master Planning and Environmental Assessment process, underpinned by public consultation and engagement with stakeholders, including the Algonquins of Ontario.

  • The TCAC will be a vital part of the comprehensive planning process, which includes the preparation of a Community Design Plan, supporting technical studies, and a Secondary Plan. The TCAC’s role is to provide input and perspectives on the evolving plans, issue-specific matters determined by the Tewin Project Team, and materials to support engagement.

  • The Tewin Project Team will provide the TCAC with multiple opportunities to ensure that outcomes and emerging directions are broadly communicated and that the local community’s voice is heard. Other consultation groups will be established and run in parallel throughout the planning and development process to facilitate consultation with the Algonquins of Ontario and other Indigenous communities.


Applying to Join the TCAC

Interested parties are invited to submit a resume and letter of interest to by April 7, 2023.

The final composition of the TCAC will be determined in consultation with the Tewin Project Team and local Ward Councilors. The TCAC will aim to reflect a diversity of local interests.

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