Most residents in Carlsbad Springs have receive a letter in the mail talking about the city of Ottawa using a herbicide called “Clearview.” It goes on to say that it will be applied adjacent to our property.   Some residents went online and looked at the safety sheets for the herbicide.   It says that the herbicide should not be laid to where it might affect the water table and that it should only be laid where the chance of drifting to human habitation or activity is minimal.  You have the ability to opt out, however they don’t give the safety sheets with the letter so people might not know exactly what it is.  For your reference below is the information regarding the herbicide provided by a local resident. herbicide Clearview

Wild parsnip burn example:

City of Ottawa information:

Public notice of herbicide use

The City of Ottawa intends to control Wild parsnip in areas city-wide along rural and suburban roadsides. Spot spraying will continue throughout the summer months as needed within the City of Ottawa.

The program will use Clearview Herbicide (PCP #29752, containing aminopyralid and metsulfuron-methyl) and Gateway adjuvant (PCP# 31470, containing mineral oil – paraffin base (adjuvants), surfactant blend) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada).

Treatment for Wild Parsnip will commence on May 15, 2018 weather permitting, and ending October 15, 2018.

The treatment area map and program details, including how opt out of the program, may be accessed on

For further information, contact 3-1-1.

2017 Wild Parsnip coverage and 2017 Wild Parsnip strategy PDF opens in a new tab or window