Bidding wars and scant supply: Ottawa's housing market finds itself 'listings-starved'

A mentioned about Carlsbad Springs in this article above.  A couple of residents have been contacting us about the “numbers” for Carlsbad Springs in the article.  We welcome comments at

“I just read the following Ottawa Citizen article which cites gains in the housing market.  Of particular interest, was Carlsbad Springs’ numbers (the lowest of all) and I wondered whether the proposed dump might be negatively affecting the housing market in your community. I realize this has likely caught your eye but thought to share anyways, given the ongoing “Dump the Dump 2″ movement.”

For those interested there is a new CRRRC community liaison committee that is now in place that meets regularly with reps from Taggart and Miller to discuss the proposed project.  The page can be access here: