Vax Aide is facilitating access to vaccines

In order for us in Ottawa to achieve a ‘two-dose summer’, we need to facilitate the access to vaccines for members of our community. Vax Aide is volunteer organization that exists to do just that. Working in coordination with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health, we have booked many vaccine appointments and provided rides to those that needed transport. Could you please pass the following message onto your community?

  • Do you, or does your friend or neighbour still need a 2nd vaccine appointment?
  • Would they like to advance the date of the appointment?
  • Would you/they require a ride to and from the appointment, and/or assistance while getting the vaccine?

Please complete the online form at www.vaxaide.ca or call 613-869-8221.  A volunteer from your community will be thrilled to help you.

The sooner we get everyone double-vaccinated, the sooner we will all get back to normal.