Rogers expansion coming to Carlsbad Springs – ISED investing $600 000 to bring high speed Internet to south-east rural Ottawa.


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Some excellent news for homeowners in Carlsbad Springs that have been scrambling with poor internet service for many years. ISED (Industry Canada) confirmed this week that they will provide Rogers Communications with a grant of $600 000 to help finance the expansion of Rogers into the community of Carlsbad Springs.   The construction and installation of fiber to over 200+ homes will occur in the Fall and the service will become available by February 2022.

Rogers is already available to approximately 500 homes in Carlsbad but up to 200 homes do not currently have access.  Rogers confirmed that they will connect those homes in the community.   For those homeowners their only options are Xplornet or LTE access (cell phones) and satellite Internet (Xplornet) with low speeds and numerous complaints by current clients with slow internet service. Some have been lucky to be part of the new Starlink beta service but this service will not be available to everyone and will be limited. This new Rogers expansion will be better than the satellite internet service offered by Space X as it will be fiber directly to the home with speeds up to 1GB.

Rogers is investing an additional $400 000 themselves for this expansion that will provide access to high speed internet to 5 key areas in Carlsbad Springs, including Carlsbad Lane, Boundary Road north, Thunder Rd near Amazon and Hwy 417, Russell Rd along up to Leitrim Rd and also Foubert Road and a section of the Farmers’ Way also. More than 200 homes will benefit from this new connectivity and expansion.

The installation of fiber to the home will start in the Fall and will be completed by winter 2022.  Homeowners will then have access to 1 GB high speed internet service and also IPTV offered by Rogers if they choose to become clients.  More details to come as we will investigate further. Rogers has also indicated that they will offer a public information session for interested homeowners. This initiative was the work of the Carlsbad Springs Community Association as the CSCA had contacted the VP of Rogers back in April 2020 to explain the need and importance to expand their services (Internet and TV) in our community. During the past year one resident Jean Ménard and Denis Labrèche (past CSCA President) had numerous meetings with Rogers reps to explain the connectivity issues for many homeowners. Their hard work paid out as Rogers proceeded to apply for a grant via the ISED UBF fund and Rogers was successful in obtainiing the grant this spring.

This announcement is great news for the economy of our rural region and also for the value of homes in the community.   Some residents had indicated that they had a hard time selling their homes because of the lack of a reliable high speed Internet provider for their property.   This is a win-win for all.   The CSCA would like to thank the Government of Canada for this initiative and also Rogers Communications for this important community project and expansion of high speed Internet service in our community.

Une excellente nouvelle pour les propriétaires de Carlsbad Springs qui sont aux prises avec un mauvais service Internet depuis de nombreuses années. ISED (Industrie Canada) a confirmé cette semaine qu’il fournira à Rogers Communications une subvention de 600 000 $ pour aider à financer l’expansion de Rogers dans la communauté de Carlsbad Springs.

Rogers investira 400 000 $ supplémentaires pour cette expansion qui fournira un accès à Internet haute vitesse à 5 secteurs de Carlsbad Springs: Carlsbad Lane, Boundary Road North, Thunder Rd près d’Amazon et l’autoroute 417, Russell Rd jusqu’à Leitrim Rd et aussi le chemin Foubert et une section du chemin Farmer’s Way également. Plus de 200 foyers bénéficieront de cette nouvelle connectivité.

L’installation de la fibre optique jusqu’à la maison débutera cet été et se terminera d’ici l’automne. Les propriétaires auront alors accès au service Internet haute vitesse de 1 Go ainsi qu’à l’IPTV offert par Rogers. Plus de détails à venir au fur et à mesure que nous enquêterons sur ce dossier. Rogers a également indiqué qu’elle offrira une séance d’information publique aux propriétaires intéressés.