Piperville Road bridge at Bearbrook to be closed until December 2020 for replacement.

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April 27 – 2020 – The City of Ottawa informed the Carlsbad Springs Community Association that the Bearbrook bridge on Piperville Road will be closed from July to December 2020 schedule to be replace. Note that this construction will also have an impact on the OC Transpo bus route that goes from the Community Centre to Anderson Road. The Association will publish an update when we have more details on this impact.

The Infrastructure Services (Municipal Design & Construction) Department is in the process of designing the Project- Replacement of Piperville Road Bridge over Bearbrook (SN223150), as planned. The Bridge is located on Piperville Road approximately 1.65 km east of Farmers Way crossing Bear Brook in Concession OF 7 Lot 6.

The project details are as follows:


The project involves the replacement of bridge.  The work will involve:

  • Relocation of Hydro Ottawa Poles  (before construction started on project-Expected May-June 2020)
  • Removal and Replacement of existing bridge
  • Concrete Prestressed Box Girders  including distribution slab on deck
  • Metal Traffic Barrier on deck
  • Steel Beam Guiderail
  • Asphalt Paving

The project timelines are:

Design Completion- End of May 2020

Construction Start – Early July 2020

Construction Finish – End of December 2020

The replacement of the bridge culvert requires the full closure of Piperville Road during the course of construction (Early July to End of December 2020). Piperville Road will be fully closed between Farmers way and Russel Road and detour will be in place via Anderson Road, Leitrim Road and Russel Road, with a total length of 15.1 km. As part of communication to general public and residents, we will provide Construction Notices before commencement of construction and PVMS signs will be placed 2 weeks in advance before the detour is in place.

Please see below the details regarding the Thunder Road Culvert:


Thunder Road Culvert (SN 222330) is a 900mm dia. Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) located approximately 80m west of Hall Road. The existing culvert is in poor condition and is in need of replacement.

The existing culvert will be replaced in kind via open-cut method. Thunder Road will be closed between Farmers Way and Hall Road to allow for the replacement of the culvert. The proposed road closure will be undertaken over one weekend to minimize the impact on traffic.

Project timelines:

The culvert replacement work will commence after the proposed Piperville Road bridge replacement to avoid closure of both roads at the same time and to minimize impact on traffic and local residents. Depending on the contractor’s progress in completing the work on Piperville Road, the proposed Thunder Road culvert replacement may need to be postponed to summer 2021.