Our Community

Carlsbad Springs is a rural community on Bear Brook in Cumberland Ward in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Prior to amalgamation in 2001, the community was on the border between Gloucester and Cumberland. According to the Canada 2011 Census, the population of the surrounding area is 1700 (based on 700 homes serviced by the K0A 1K0 postal Canada Post office).  The area is bounded on the north by Renaud Road and the CP Railway, on the east by Smith Road, Milton Road, Russell Road and Sand Road, on the south by Mitch Owens Road and on the west up to Ramsayville Road).     It has an active community association (Carlsbad Springs Community Association that manages this website (Carlsbadsprings.ca) and also CJRO FM – Carlsbad Radio Info, a local / tourist information radio station that broadcast on 107.7 FM.   Carlsbad Springs has a new community centre (Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, built in 2011) at 6020 Piperville Road at Harkness Park.

Carlsbad Springs has a local bilingual radio station.  The new radio station broadcast on 107.7 FM.  Its mandate is to promote local and regional events and attractions, provide community information and also the weather. CJRO – Carlsbad Info Radio can be received from Frank Kenny Road in the east to Anderson Road in the west and from Navan Road in the north to Mitch Owens in the south and also via Hwy 417 between Leitrim Road to Boundary Rd and also up to the Rockdale Road exit near Vars.   It is also available on the Internet at carlsbadsprings.ca.    An open house will be held on Monday May 8 from 7-8pm to showcase the radio installation and to answer further questions.  Interested in being a volunteer or advertise on the radio?   Contact us at info@carlsbadsprings.ca

Carlsbad Springs a une station de radio bilingue locale.  La station diffuse au 107,7 FM.  Son mandat est de promouvoir des événements locaux et régionaux et les attractions, offrir des renseignements sur les projets locaux, ainsi que la météo d’Environnement Canada.   CJRO – Carlsbad Info Radio diffuse au 107,7 FM à partir du chemin Frank Kenny à l’est jusqu’au chemin Anderson à l’ouest, du chemin Navan au nord jusqu’au chemin Mitch Owens au sud et via l’autoroute 417 entre les chemins Anderson et Rockdale.    CJRO FM est également disponible sur Internet via carlsbadsprings.ca.  Une journée porte ouverte aura lieu le lundi 8 mai de 19h à 20h, pour une démonstration des installations de la radio et pour répondre aux questions.  Si vous voulez devenir bénévoles ou pour annoncer sur la radio envoyer un courriel à info@carlsbadsprings.ca