New restaurant now open in Carlsbad Springs – Palki Cuisine of India (6501 Russell Rd)

The former famous D&S BBQ restaurant is now Palki Cuisine of India, a former restaurant that was situated on Ogilvie Rd in Ottawa. The new owners at 6501 Russell Road in Carlsbad Springs have done an excellent job at renovating and fixing up the former BBQ place and turn it into a new modern restaurant. D&S closed in 2017 as they had a major flood and then insurance issues and the owner of the time decided to close the restaurant and sell the building at the time instead of doing renovations. It was a great lost as it was very popular with the community and also with many visitors coming from all over Ottawa to enjoy their unique BBQ style. The building was for sale for the past three years. Many residents in Carlsbad Springs are happy that a new owner has decided to open up the location again. Palki Cuisine of India’s business hours are from 6:30am to 8pm and the restaurant is open from Tuesdays to Sundays weekly. They also offer catering for all occasions, have an extensive take out menu and offer full service breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Menus options varies from poutine to fish and chips to pasta, burgers, skillets, chicken to traditional Indian meals. They also have a large banquet facility that will be able to accommodate large events after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Please see below photos.

L’ancien restaurant bbq D&S est maintenant Palki Cuisine of India, un restaurant situé originalement sur le chemin Ogilvie à Ottawa. Les nouveaux propriétaires ont fait un excellent travail au niveau de la rénovation et ils ont transformé celui-ci dans un nouveau restaurant ultra moderne. Les heures d’ouverture sont de 6h30am à 20h et le restaurant est ouvert de mardi au dimanche chaque semaine. Ils offrent également la restauration pour toutes les occasions. Ils ont un vaste menu pour sortir et ils offrent un service complet de déjeuner, diner et souper. Les options de menus sont variés: poutine, poisson et frites en passant par les pâtes, les “stir fry”, des hamburgers, des repas au poulet et plusieurs plats traditionnels indiens. Ils disposent également d’une grande installation de banquet qui sera bientôt en mesure d’accueillir de grands événements après la levée des restrictions de la pandémie. Voir les photos au bas.