Did you know? Carlsbad Springs has its own wall mural.

Some residents pass beside it every day and may not even notice that Carlsbad Springs has it’s own original wall mural. The Carlsbad Springs mural is situated in the village area on the new Palki Cuisine Restaurant on Russell Road. It was originally design and created for the Jacque’s Trap restaurant in the early 2000 when the old OASIS (strip) dance club was transformed into a restaurant. Jacque’s Trap was sold around 2008 and transformed into D&S BBQ restaurant by a new owner. The former and current owner kept the mural on the north wall since Palki Cuisine opened, during the summer 2020. On the mural we can see Jay Leno, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Elvis and other celebrities.

If you recognized anyone else please send us an email to info@carlsbadsprings.ca See mural below.

What is a mural?

Murals are large-scale artworks created directly on a wall, or attached to it, with the permission of the property owner. Outdoor murals have proven to be effective in managing graffiti vandalism, supporting arts and culture, contributing to economic development and providing youth engagement opportunities.

Murals have the potential to beautify and enhance local areas throughout communities with images that reflect and depict culture, history or visions of artistic expression.