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MPR = Multi-purpose room;  GYM = Gymnasium or large hall
This calendar is only a reference.  Please contact us to verify availability: Reservation procedures – click here.

Carlsbad Springs Community Centre online reservation calendar (will open on a separate page).

How do I reserve the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre?
Reservation information for the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020, Piperville Road)

360 virtual tour : photos inside the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre –

There are two rooms available to rent. The capacity for each room is in bracket:

Multi-purpose room (sitting capacity: 55 / standing capacity:  approx. 80)

Gym / large room (sitting capacity : 165 / standing capacity: up to 300 or more)

For each room there are 6 rental categories:
Non-profit (NFP): community groups such as local clubs and local associations and volunteer groups.
Non-profit with alcohol: community groups such as local clubs and local associations and volunteer groups.
Private: family related or personal events (birthdays, baby shower, etc…)
Private with alcohol: family related events or private events (birthdays, baby shower, etc…)
Commercial: all commercial events organized by a corporation.
Commercial with alcohol: all commercial event organized by a corporation.

Note that a flat rate is offered for funeral receptions, wedding receptions (Saturday evening only) and for private events on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon (from noon to 6pm only). Additional time is charged by the hour at the normal rate.  A one hour set-up and one hour clean-up is included at no charge at this time. You must book for the duration of your event only and we will add the additional set-up and clean-up time to your booking. Example: event is from 4pm to 8pm (4 hrs rental charge), therefore event will be booked from 3 to 9pm by our reservation coordinator for set-up and clean-up requirements.

The facility has the following:
multi-purpose room (medium size)
gym (large hall)
meeting room
22 round tables (60 inch diameter),
20 rectangle tables (10 tables are 6’ x 2.5‘ and 10 tables are 7’ x 2.5’)
165 mesh quality black chairs
Portable bar on wheel
Large commercial portable fridge on wheels.
Full service kitchen (large beer fridge, commercial fridge, stove, microwave)
lobby area
office area (Association use only)

To inquire about a reservation please contact the coordinator at
The reservation coordinator will process you request and will contact you (24 to 48 hrs). You can pay by check or in cash in person. A down payment of $100.00 is required for rentals.

Note that the rental of the multi purpose room does not include access or use of the gym. The rental of the gym can include the multi-purpose hall (for catering access only) but the request must be requested when you confirm the reservation.

Set-up and clean-up after your event:

An hour before and an hour after is allocated for set-up and clean-up for each event. Actual rental cost is for the duration of your event only.

You are responsible to clean-up after your event, return all equipment (chairs, tables, etc…) at their original location and put all garbage bags in the large containers outside.

Centre checklist for clients (pdf document): Centre checklist for clients

Additional notes:

If required, a set-up and clean-up crew can be available upon request (a week notice) for most events at additional cost. The crew will be responsible to install and remove the chairs and tables.

The projector and the sound system in the multi-service room are for community groups only and cannot be access for private rentals at this time.   The use of the video screen inside the multi-purpose hall is allowed with a personal projector.

The centre has extra garbage bags, paper toilet, a mop and a bucket.

Alcohol Permit:

You will require a Special Occasion Permit for your event if you plan to have alcohol. There are two kinds: Sale and non sale. Cost is $25 for a “no sale permit” or $75 for a “sale permit”. Please visit the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) website for more information:

The address of the centre is:

Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, 6020 Piperville Road, Carlsbad Springs, K0A 1K0

For more information on the Centre please contact us at

Recommended third party services:

AJ’s Catering :
Pourvoyeur Desjardins : Tel: (613) 835-3315
Bytown catering:
Steady’s catering: 613-834-3471