Carlsbad Springs Community Association discussing with Rogers to bring high speed Internet to more neighborhoods in Carlsbad Springs

April 30 2020 – The Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) has recently started discussion with Rogers Communications to propose to Rogers that they expand their cable and Internet services to all neighborhoods in Carlsbad Springs. The areas that are mostly affected are the ones that are not able to access Rogers cable services on their street and are stuck using LTE options such as Xplornet or USB LTE services or even low speed satellite Internet providers. The neighborhoods are: Boundary Road (north of the village), Carlsbad Lane (west side of Russell), Leitrim / Russell / Halls Rd area and also Farmer’s Way / Foubert Street near Hw 417.

Following a virtual meeting with the VP of Rogers Expansion service and his Manager Rogers indicated that they are now looking at providing the Association with cost to expand their current network in those 4 areas where there are no Rogers services. A meeting is schedule on Friday May 8 to discuss the action plan and where Rogers will provide the Association with quotes to expand their network. This expansion would provide services to an additional 100 homes in the areas mentioned above. Rogers indicated that a cost sharing plan would be considered by their company to help bring better connectivity to residents of Carlsbad Springs. The Association is very optimistic that their push to bring a robust Internet high speed service to most of Carlsbad Springs homes will be successful. Rogers indicated that it would take about a year before the installation and service becomes available. Some alternative options will also be available for homes that are left in the dark after a potential Rogers expansion as the cable expansion will provide a better wireless link to some homes that are on the last mile as they will now be closer to a service area.