Carlsbad 3 on 3 Ball Hockey Tournament Weekend!

A 3 on 3 coed ball hockey tournament during the weekend of Nov. 9-10 will be held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Piperville Rd).   As a reference the Centre is situated 20 minutes south of Orléans,  15 minutes east of the St-Laurent shopping Centre and 10 minutes east from the Findlay Creek / Leitrim area.

The event is a recreational tournament with two skill divisions, one intermediate and one advance.  Teams participating will be coed with 3 girls and 3 guys + a goalie per team.   All teams will play 3 games on Saturday November 9 and the teams that finish in 1 to 4 will move to the semis and then the finals (two finals – one for each division) on Sunday Nov 10.     You must be 18 years old to participate.   Games will be managed by a referee and a timekeeper. We will also have some food and drinks available all day on the Saturday in the kitchen.  Tables will be setup in the multi-purpose room for players to relax and chat between games.  

The Carlsbad Springs Community Association will be hosting this event as a fundraiser for our new community radio station,  CJRO FM Carlsbad Vars Radio that will soon launch in Carlsbad Springs and Vars at the end of 2019.  

Cost to register a team is $450.   The rules will be the same as the ones from the MCL Ball Hockey League on Wednesday evenings at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.   Games will be 30 minutes (two 15 minutes period).  A $450 prize will be given to the winning teams, one for each division.   Individual prizes will be provided by sponsors during the event.   Players will be invited to put their names in a basket and we will draw prizes throughout the tournament.  Home teams will be in black (t-shirt) and away teams in white.  

The tournament hours will be 8am to 9pm on Saturday and then 9am to 2pm on Sunday (4 semis and a final for each division).

We would like to thank the MCL ball hockey League for their guidance and suggestions in making this event a success.

If you are interested in registering a team, please send an email to cjrofm@rogers.com before Saturday September 30, 2019.   Please identify the name of your captain, the name of your team, the division you want to play in, an email to where to contact you and also a cell number.   Payment to participate will be done via e-transfer or by cash and will be due by Nov 1, 2019.

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you in November!