Historical video – Chevaliers de Colomb in Carlsbad Springs

25e Conseil 9519 yt

25th anniversary, historical video of Council 9519 St-Laurent (Knights of Columbus) in Carlsbad Springs.  Interviews with André Goulet, Gerry Langlois, Marcel Desjardins and Jacques Charron.   Note: video content is in French.


Photos of Soccer-Challenge organized by the Chevaliers de Colomb on November 18 at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.

Renaming Eighth Line Road
centre2010_a_enResidents of Eighth Line Road in Carlsbad Springs and Ramsayville,Last week each household received a letter from the City of Ottawa informing us of the plan to rename Eighth Line Rd. to ‘chemin Des Sources Rd.’ as recommended by the Carlsbad Springs Community Association.   After emails to the City of Ottawa, Councillors Stephen Blais, Doug Thompson and the Carlsbad Springs Community Association, it became apparent not all residents on Eighth Line Rd. were informed of this suggestion.It was proposed to hold a meeting inviting all residents of Eighth Line Rd. to vote and submit to the City the top five (5) proposed names.Households wanting to submit a proposal must follow the guidelines below and contact Francoise Jessop (613) 580-2424 ext. 13862 or by Tuesday December 4th no later than 12pm. This will allow the City time to ensure your proposal is unique within the City of Ottawa. Accepted proposals will then be sent to the Carlsbad Springs Association in time to be presented at the meeting on December 6th.

The goal by the end of evening on December 6th is to vote on the top five (5) proposed names and report back to the City. The City will contact residents asking them to vote for their preferred name which will be brought forward in a report to Committee and Council for a final public meeting and decision in February 2013.

Meeting and Vote:

Date: December 06, 2012

Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Carlsbad Spring Community Centre (6020, Eighth Line Road)

NOTE: Voting is only open to residents of Eight Line Rd (one per household), who are property owners (ie. tax payers) or renters with picture id (ie. drivers licence) validating their address.

I encourage and look forward to all residents of Eighth Line Rd. to take part in this important decision which effects each of us, . . . re-defining our road.

City of Ottawa guidelines for choosing a new name:

1.   Name is not identical or does not sound the same, similar or close to an existing street name or street name reserved for future development. (ie. Deighton / Dayton, Ruisseau / Rosseau, Pipersville / Pepperville)

2.   Name should not contain a number as part of the name so as to minimize confusing with the civic number (Sevenoak Street, 7 Oak Street)

3.   Name of street should not be duplicated with the name of a park, facility or building. As well, a commemorated name cannot be used in whole or in part for more than one street.

4.   Names are discouraged which contain a word that is often already used in other street names, particularly if it is the first part of a street name (Oak, Oak Creek, Oak Grove, also we have many roads already with Valley, Ridge, Forest).

5.   Identical names with different extensions are discouraged (Meadowvale / Meadowlands)

6.   Names, including street types in both languages (st. / rue) and periods and spaces, cannot be more than 28 characters.

7.   No cardinal points (North, South) unless it is being used to resolve numbering issues or to segment existing long highways that are separated (Laurier Avenue West, Laurier Avenue East).

Best Choices – Approved by the City of Ottawa (no specific order)

·         Chemin DonnaConna Road – Indian Chief aware of the Springs in Carlsbad, who advised Jacques Cartier of the curative waters healing powers, for his scurvy-ridden crew. )Carleton Saga Book pg 202 under the Section of Carlsbad Springs)

·         Chemin Lacharité Road: first French Canadian to settle in the area was Jacques Lacharité. He bought his land from the Crown in 1856, and built a log house on it. The word “charité” means “the practice of benevolent giving and caring”.

·         Chemin Leda Road : Referring to the Leda Clay which constitutes a significant amount the local soil. This clay inhibited the building of taller buildings in the past, and promoted the community to develop as family homes on larger trees properties.

·         Chemin Des Sources / Des Sources Road: underground spring; source of heat, water, energy, profit.  Source is French for Spring, in relation to Carlsbad Springs and its history.

·         Chemin Tourbière/ Tourbière Road : bog in French: a wetland that accumulates peat, a deposit of dead plant material—often mosses, and in a majority of cases, Sphagnum moss.[1] It is one of the four main types of wetlands

·        Chemin Danny Kelly Road

·         Chemin Katsura Road

·         Chemin Mineral Spa Road

or other names presented during the December 6 meeting.

Ninth Line Road – Street Name Change and Notice of Community Meeting
Ottawa City Council has identified 77 groups of street names which are duplicate, similar sounding, and/or geographically fragmented;  which can pose public safety concerns regarding effective way-finding and timely emergency response. The City, in partnership with Public Emergency Reporting Services’ (PERS) 911 program, is seeking to correct these issues by ensuring ease of property identification.There are 15 numerical Line Roads in Ottawa which have been identified as being problematic. It has been determined that eight of the Line Road names need to be changed, including Ninth Line Road, and as well Eighth Line Road located nearby. The duplicate sounding 8th and 9th Line Roads in Osgoode Ward will remain because of the general intent to ensure a logical arrangement of the remaining Line Roads on a north/south alignment, and to maintain geographic groupings. 

The Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) will be hosting a community meeting to discuss the Ninth Line Road name change. Details for the meeting are as follows:


Date: December 11th (Tuesday)

Time:  7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Carlsbad Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road)


The meeting is intended to discuss possible names and short list the community’s preferred names. Following this meeting, City staff will send out a letter to property owners located along Ninth Line listing the pre-approved short-listed names and asking property owners to vote on these names.


The CSCA has suggested one name to get the process started:

Chemin Optimistes Road (in recognition of the work the Optimistes Club has done over the years in the community)

Affected property owners may also submit name change suggestions in advance of the meeting to the City (see contact information below) by mid-morning on Monday December 10th, 2012, in order that we can screen the names to ensure compliance with the City’s guidelines and best practices for street naming .


2013 Winter Programming – City of Ottawa (at Community Centre)
2013 Winter Programming – City of Ottawa (at Community Centre) – click here
Children’s Christmas party at the Community Centre
santachristmas_enA children’s Christmas party will be held for the residents of Carlsbad Springs: Santa will make an appearance; Registration will begin at 10:00; Entertainment will start at 10:30; Refreshments for children and parents.  In order to determine the number and category of gifts to be purchased, we need to receive your completed form before November 16.For info: Sue Langlois at 613-822-0972Registration form here (pdf format)
Zumba Fitness update
zumba_fitness_enZUMBA is running every Monday evening from 7:00-8:00pm until December 17th at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.An individual drop in session costs $7.00 or a block of sessions may be purchased ie Nov. 12th – Dec.17th would cost $30.00 ( 6 sessions @ $5.00). For more information please call Wende Hunt @613-822-2969.
Yoga – Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
yoga_enA new session of gentle Hatha Yoga begins on November 20that the Carlsbad Community Centre. Yoga has been embraced in North America for the physical benefits it brings to the body and mind. With instruction from a certified yoga teacher, you will be guided through gentle stretches, movements, postures and breathing exercises designed to bring your body and mind into balance. A regular yoga practice is known to stimulate the immune system, improve muscle tone, circulation, flexibility and balance on a physical level and build self-esteem, concentration and memory on a mental/emotional level.  The class is suitable for both men and women age 15 years old and up. All the participants need is a yoga mat and a sense of fun.Classes will begin on Tuesday, November 20th and run for a 5 week session at a special cost of $50 for the session. The class runs for 90 minutes and begins at 7:00 PM.Also, I am pleased to announce the yoga classes will continue into the New Year. Once the holidays are behind us we’re all looking for ways to renew our commitment to our health and well-being.

A 12 week session with 90 minute classes will begin on January 15th, 2013. The cost of the session is $144 HST included.

To register or for further information please contact Kathy Noel @ 613-266-0664 or

High School Volunteer Hour opportunity!
High School Volunteer Hour opportunity!The Metcalfe Skating Club is looking for volunteers to assist during our learn to skate program on Thursday evenings at the Fred Barrett Arena. (Leitrim) For more information please contact our coaches at 
City of Ottawa Staff Report and response to the CRRRC Terms of Reference

This report will be considered by the Environment Committee on Tuesday October 16. The meeting begins at 9:30 am and takes place in Andrew S. Haydon Hall (Council Chambers). The report recommends the provision of unto $50,000 in intervenor funding.
Comments on the report can be sent to the committee coordinator:
Also, residents can register to speak to the committee about the item.
For more information click on documents below (in pdf format):
Name change for Eighth Line Road and Ninth Line Road
centre2010_a_enThe City of Ottawa informed the Carlsbad Springs Community Association this past week that Eighth Line Road and Ninth Line Road will have a name change in 2013.    A list of potential names will be sent to the City for their approval and to verify “911” compatibility. We encourage residents to send  suggestions at for consideration. More details to follow in the coming months. The reason for the changes is because there are roads with similar names in the area.   There is a “8th Line Road” and a 9th Line Road in the Metcafte area that unfortunately has a bit more homes than the “Eighth Line and the Ninth Line Roads” in Carlsbad Springs / Ramsayville area. The City therefore indicated that our area would have to have another name for our major routes running from east to west.
New Executive for the Club Optimiste de Carlsbad Springs
Executif 2012 Optimistes_enThe new executive for the Club Optimiste de Carlsbad Springs was installed at a community brunch on September 23.  The new President is Vicky Dallaire.
New Executive for the Carlsbad Springs Community Association
CSCA logo ACCS_enThe 2012 AGM was held on September 20 at the Community Centre. Below is the executive for 2012-2013:President: Denis Labrèche, Vice-President: Ghislaine Monette, Treasurer: Sue Langlois,  Secretary: Manon AllaireDirectors: Joan Goyette (communications and Communiqué), Denis Poulin, Jean-François Lemieux, Pierre Paquette (outdoor rink), Renée Langlois (facebook and communications), Jacques Sicotte (Senior programming and Age d’or St-Laurent).The following individuals are responsible for on-going projects:

Liaison with the City and City staff, website updates and sports and leisure programs: Denis Labrèche; Road Sign at Centre: Sue Langlois et Renée Langlois; Photocopy: Denis Poulin; Kids movie night and Halloween community Dance: Ghislaine Monette and Joan Goyette;  Community Centre reservations:  Stephanie Labrèche (   To contact members of the executive please send us an email to:


Important household garbage collection schedule changes
green bin_enStarting the week of October 29, 2012, important changes will occur to the way the City collects solid waste from residents receiving curbside and common pad collection.1.Bi-weekly collection: Beginning the week of October 29, your household garbage will be collected with your blue box every two weeks. Check your Collection Calendar to confirm your collection schedule.Making full use of the green bin is the easiest way to adjust to bi-weekly garbage collection. You can place out an unlimited amount of recycling each collection day.2.New collection days:Beginning the week of October 29, some households will receive a new collection day. If your collection day is changing, the City will send you a letter in October.

3.Green bin:Year-round weekly pick of the green bin will continue. Get the most of out of your green bin by putting the most into your green bin. Find tips for using your green bin every day.  More info:

Residents united against Taggart-Miller proposed facility at Boundary Road
DTD2 Sept 2012 Carlsbad meeting_enOn September 18, at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, DumptheDump2 group organized a community meeting to highlight some of their research on the proposed Taggart-Miller project for Boundary Road area.    The group explained the various details of the proposed project by Taggart-Miller;  indicated that the group is looking for volunteers and experts that could help their cause; explained what the community needs to do to fight the project; and encourage the residents to contact specific individuals to tell them what this project will do to the area.Over 200 concerned residents participated, most from Carlsbad Springs, Ramsayville and Edwards area.   Councillor Blais and Councillor Thompson both announced that they did not support the proposal while Councillor Thompson (Osgoode Ward) also mentioned at the meeting that he had signed the petition against the project.Taggart Miller has listed the Terms of Reference on their website:Go here to read the Terms of Reference

The Community has only until Oct. 15th, 2012 to provide comments on it.

Update from Dump This Dump 2 (DTD2)

Dump This Dump 2 (DTD2) is a new community group opposing Taggart Miller’s proposed mega-dump, focusing on the Boundary Rd & Devine Rd site (400 acres).

Taggart Miller has listed the Terms of Reference on their website:

Go here to read the Terms of Reference

The Community has only until Oct. 15th to provide comments on it. There are 18 documents.  They can be read and downloaded from

We have until October 15th  to send our comments to the MOE. We cannot add any requirements to these documents after that deadline.

It is important that you attend the MEETING:

September 18, 7 pm at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, Eighth Line Rd., Carlsbad Springs.Please join us, bring your ideas, bring your neighbours. This is the time to speak up for the future of our communities, and together we will be heard!



Carlsbad Springs Community Centre promo

promo centre 2012.mp4

Join friends, neighbors and family at the Community Centre during the up-coming season!

D and S Southern Comfort B. B. Q. – Carlsbad Springs video on CTV Ottawa
D_SBBQ_Carlsbad_village_web_enThe D in D and S is Dave Harper; the S is all about his staff. Together they are fulfilling a boyhood dream of Dave’s to make authentic Texas style B.B.Q. While Carlsbad Springs was known at one time for its therapeutic waters, barbeque lovers are finding their way to D and S to get their fill of pulled pork, brisket, ribs, burgers, tasty side dishes and even a slice of smoked chocolate cheesecake.  D&S restaurant video (Regional Contact show) on CTV Ottawa
Taggart Miller has submitted the proposed Terms of Reference
taggart_enTaggart Miller Environmental Services, a joint venture of the Taggart group of companies and Miller Waste Systems Inc. (Taggart Miller) has submitted the proposed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Environmental Assessment (EA) of the proposed integrated waste management project to be known as the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) for approval to the Ontario Minister of the Environment on September 14, 2012. The TOR provides a description of and rationale for the undertaking and sets out the requirements for conducting the EA. If approved by the Minister pursuant to the Environmental Assessment Act, the TOR will serve as a framework for the preparation of the EA for the proposed undertaking and for public consultation about the EA.  >>>more information
Regulating Hydronic Heaters / Outdoor Woodburning Boilers
NCB outdoor furnace_enThis is to advise you that the above-noted matter will be considered by the City of Ottawa Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee on Thursday, September 6, 2012.The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (Cumberland Ward) – 6020 Eighth Line Road, Carlsbad Springs Ontario. You are welcome to attend the meeting and present your views.Attached is a copy of the report outlining the Departmental recommendation. >>> more information
New bench at Harkness Park
NewbenchHarknessPark2012_enThe City of Ottawa recently installed two new park bench near the playground structure at Harkness Park.  Back in June 2012 the bench was recommended by the Carlsbad Springs Community Association for parents while their children played in the park.   Note that the City also installed at the same time a permanent garbage can near the play structure.
St-Laurent church: exterior renovation
egliseStLaurent2012_enThe St-Laurent church in Carlsbad Springs received a $70 000 facelift this summer thanks to numerous donations from local businesses and residents and also a variety of fundraising organized by the local parish.  The church exterior walls, all made of wood and one of the only one still standing in eastern Ontario was repainted white this past August.   The church building was contructed in 1895 at a cost of $5 000.   In the past 30 years it had many renovation inside and outside.
Message from DumpThisDump2 community group
Dump_small)_enA community meeting is being held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre on Tuesday September 18th @ 7:00 PM to update the community on the Taggart-Miller CRRRC waste disposal/landfill project being proposed in Carlsbad Springs (corner of Boundary Road & Hwy 417). Taggart Miller will be submitting an official project work plan to the Ministry of the Environment for their review and approval this fall. As part of the process, the public will be asked to comment on the proposed plan. It is crucial that you let the Ministry know if you are opposed to this project! They need to hear from each one of us! EVERYONE should provide their input and comments – to show that the Community IS involved. If you’re at all unsure of anything, you can also ask questions to help you gain a better understanding of what is being proposed.  A second meeting is being planned for Vars as well. Details will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (DumpThisDump2) once finalized. We are working on our web site ( and hope to have it up within a couple of weeks – information will be posted there as well – Stay tuned!Volunteers from the DumpThisDump2 group will be canvassing the neighbourhood in September. We will be going around with a petition to the City of Ottawa, opposing the rezoning of the landfill site. We will also be asking for your signature on a second petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The Team will also be collecting information on wells (which run a serious risk of being contaminated if the landfill goes through) and will be conducting a truck vibration survey. The more you can help us with this, the more we will be able to help you!  TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT THIS! – and we will show you how at the meeting!  THIS IS NOT OVER! Show your support by joining our Team or joining our mailing list!Volunteer! Tell your friends!For more information email us at – We say NO!

The Knight of Columbus Family Supper
DSC02067_small_enThe monthly family supper, organized by K. of C. in partnership with the CSCA will return on Friday, 5th of October (6 P.M) and on the first Fridays of each month (except in January). Location: the Community Center 6020 eighth Line Road.
Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) meeting at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
On September 6, 2012, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) is expected to consider an updated Kennel Licensing Schedule to the City of Ottawa Licensing By-law 2002-189 and amendments to the Animal Care and Control By-law with respect to in-home breeders.  Individuals wishing to comment on the proposals, to be included in the staff report, may do so in writing before August 16, 2012, to Christine Hartig, Strategic Support Officer with By-law and Regulatory Services, by fax at 613-580-2818 or by e-mail to For more information, please call 613-580-2424, ext. 25629.The September 6, 2012 ARAC meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, 6020 Eighth Line Road, Carlsbad Springs in Cumberland Ward. Those wishing to address the Committee in person are encouraged to register in advance by contacting the Committee Coordinator, Marc Desjardins at 613-580-2424, ext. 28821 or by e-mail
Taggart Miller – Boundary Road Proposal
voisin_enRecently, the Carlsbad Springs Community Association executive (CSCA) voted on the Taggart Miller proposal for establishing a 400+ acre waste management including landfill and recycling facility located between Boundary, Devine and Frontier roads.   This vote was the result of numerous emails, meetings and consultation with the residents of Carlsbad Springs.  The prime concerns emanating from the opposition dealt with : 1. environmental issues, 2. increased traffic and 3. decrease in property values.The CSCA has had the opportunity to hear Taggart Miller representatives explain their proposal and we attended the Open House held on the matter.   Now, we have heard the concerns of our residents.   All of this information is sufficient for the Carlsbad Springs Community Association to raise our objection to this project.   The CSCA also forwarded a letter of objection to our municipal, provincial and federal representatives on this matter.We, the community, consider this proposal, with its potentially major environmental consequences, to be undesirable in our backyard.During our meeting with Taggart-Miller in mid-july the CSCA has agreed to the following:   If and when Taggart-Miller is successful in their quest to obtain their proposed facility, the CSCA has aggreed to discuss benefits for the community in return for being the host of such a facility.   The CSCA feels that we need to keep an open communication with Taggart-Miller depending on the outcome of the decision.

For more information on Taggart Miller: +Ottawa+waste+disposal+site/6698626/story.html

New Farmers’ Market in Vars
Vars market-logo_enThe new Vars Farmers’ Market opened on Saturday July 21. It will operate every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The St. Andrews Anglican Church and the Vars Community Association are organizing the market on the church property (corner Rockdale & Devine Roads).
Fall Programming at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
fall2008_enPlease see PDF document for up-coming Fall programming at the CSCC – Fall schedule
Commercial plaza now closer for local residents of Carlsbad Springs and Ramsayville
FreshCo_FindleyCreek_enThe new Findlay Creek commercial development is located at the intersection of Findlay Creek Drive and Bank Street.  Just 10 minutes west of Carlsbad Springs and 5 minutes from Ramsayville, local residents have now access to a variety of services such as bank, a pharmacy, a grocery store and also a Tim Horton’s.   Driving on Eighth Line straigth brings you to Ramsayville Road, from there take Louiseize to Hawthorne and then Blais (side gravel road) to Bank street.  Turn right on Bank and the new plaza is just on the left.   A short drive for many to have access to many stores and services, faster than driving to Orleans and other stores in urban Ottawa.   The following are currently open:Open for business:
Back on Track Physiotherapy and Sports Injury
• Bulk Barn
• Diamond Nails & Spa
Findlay Creek Medical Centre
• Fresh Co.
• Furelli Hair Design
• Gabriel Pizza
• Jonny Canuck’s
• Neli Style Tailoring and Drycleaning
• 7Dental group
• Scotiabank
• Shoppers Drug Mart
• Subway
• The Pet Shoppe
• Tim Hortons
• Tiny HoppersBuilding in progress, but not yet open:
• Findlay Creek Hearing Care Clinic
• Laurier Optical
• Shawarma Byte
• Tosca (scheduled to open August 15)A Canadian Tire with gas bar will also be built in 2014.


Bringing the Library to your neighbourhood
Bookmobile_enThe Ottawa Public Library brings the library to your neighbourhood once a week.  Two Bookmobiles visit more than 20 communities all over the city. Each Bookmobile carries a wide range of library material for adults and children in English, French and other languages. Books, audio books, large print materials, magazines, DVDs, videos, and English as a Second Language material are available. Staff will help you select items from the Bookmobile collection, or from any of our 33 branches and have them sent to your local Bookmobile stop.  Library items borrowed from a Bookmobile can be returned to any Bookmobile stop or branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Both Bookmobiles are wheelchair accessible.   Tuesdays, 3:30 – 5 p.m at Harkness Park (6020 Eighth Line Road – Community Centre). – access to Carlsbad Springs St-Laurent church cemetary
Monument_MCollins_1919_St-Laurentcemeta_enThe mission of this project is to capture digital images of headstones of our ancestors. As decades pass, it is becoming harder – if not impossible – to read the inscriptions these stones originally contained.  By archiving the images and transcriptions, these important records are saved. This resource is of immense value to those not able to travel to the cemetery in person.  This Headstone Photo Project is a non-profit organization. Success of the Project depends completely upon the activities of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs to the for more information.St-Laurent cemetery in Carlsbad Springs website on
Local gym for rent for social events at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre – video example

CSCC setup examples gym.mp4

Video example of a setup for a wedding reception and a gala reception inside the gym at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, 6020 Eighth Line Road.


Residents showing their colors!
Dump_small)_enSigns against the Taggart-Miller project are popping up aroung the community of Carlsbad Springs and Edwards since last week.   In some areas up to 6 neighbours in a row are showing their discontent regarding the proposed waste recycling facility proposed for the Boundary Road and Mitch Owens area.      We were informed that signs are available at René’s Corner at Anderson and Eighth Line Road.
Check out our survey on the Taggart Miller project for Boundary Road!
survey-300x200_enSee below on the left side and vote!   Tell us what you think about the proposed Taggart-Miller project for Boundary Road!
St-Laurent church – Major Facelift
renoeglise_small_enDuring summer 2012, the St-Laurent church in Carlsbad Springs will have a major renovation on its exterior walls. The building, more than 100 years old is a big part of the heritage and culture in the community.    During the past year parishioners raised funds by soliciting participants, local residents and businesses in the community.  The building is an important heritage building in our community, having been built in 1902 and is one of the only wooded church in eastern Ontario.
Community left with many questions after Taggart-Miller Open House – June 25
crowdJune25 meeting Taggard_enA crowd of approx. 250 residents of Carlsbad Springs, Edwards and Vars residents attended an open house offered by Taggart-Miller in Notre-Dame des champs on Navan Road on June 25.    One of the concern was the fact that the info session should have been held in Carlsbad Springs instead of 15km north, on the other side of the Mer Bleue in NDC.    Other concerns are about future water contamination for those on wells near the proposed project and also heavy traffic and environmental concerns.   The Association was told that future workshops about issues of concern would be held in the community at our community centre.  A quick survey of the room at NDC (Rendez-vous des ainés hall) indicated that the gym at the Carlsbad  Springs Community Centre would have been large enough to accomodate the June 25th Open House event.   Taggart-Miller rep told us that the reason it was not held in our community was because our website indicated a 175 capacity.   That published capacity is seating only and does not reflect the “standing” room capacity that is estimated at 300 in the gym and an addiional 100 in the multi-purpose room.
Community voices their concerns over Taggart-Miller Boundary Road project – June 13 meeting

Residents of Carlsbad Springs, Edwards, Vars and Ramsayville participated in a public information session held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre to learn more about the Taggart-Miller project proposed for the Boundary Road area.   Josh St-Jacques, a local resident of Carlsbad Springs provided various details on the proposed project and voiced his concerns regarding the proposed recycling facility.   Over 100 residents attended the meeting to obtain information and many residents provided their opinions on the project.  Many are worried about the impact that such a project will have on the rural quiet country-side community of Carlsbad Springs and Edwards, clearly indicating that they are not interested in such a project for their community.   They also invited residents to particpate to the Taggart-Miller open house schedule on Monday June 25 from 3-9pm at 3349 chemin Navan in NotreDame-des-Champs ( Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d’Ottawa building).   M. St-Jacques indicated that everyone should try to participate and go at 7pm to voice their concerns and share their opinions about the project.   M. Blais, the City of Ottawa Cumberland Ward councillor was also present to answer some questions regarding the project.

Summer programming at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road, 6020 chemin Eighth Line)   Have you ever wanted to play Guitar? Have you ever wanted to learn how to Rock out? Lessons will be taught by a professional music teacher. For more information and to register please contact Michelle @613-741-6025 x114. Spaces limited- espaces limités. Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road)Women On Wellness

A 10 week group for women.

Childcare and transportation subsidies can be provided!

This is a general wellness support group that will focus on various topics, including: self esteem, assertiveness, anger, managing stress, setting boundaries

For more information please call Michelle Lemieux @613-741-6025 x114

Pre-registration is required.



Health & Fitness Group –  Friday afternoons from 1:30-2:30 pm at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre- 6020 Eighth Line Road/ 6020 chemin Eighth Line.   Groupe d’exercise et de santé chaque Vendredi de 1h30-2h30 au Centre Communautaire de Carlsbad Springs.   Please call Leigh for more information 741-6025 x 218. Appellez Leigh pour plus de renseignements.


Garbage company considering east Ottawa waste disposal site

Your comments on this story are appreciated. Contact the Carlsbad Springs Community Association by Email: 

This property, 460 acres of a forested wetland between Highway 417, Boundary Road and Devine Road to Frontier, was purchased by Taggart-Miller as a second proposed landfill site.

Taggart Miller, the proponents of a controversial plan to build a waste recycling facility in Russell Township, have purchased another 460 acres just outside the township border near Carlsbad Springs on the outskirts of the City of Ottawa’s Cumberland Ward. The company has proposed it as another potential waste disposal and landfill site.  Thirty years ago it was determined that the soils at that site were too unstable for such a purpose.  Taggart-Miller representatives did not respond to specific questions in email requests for an interview, but sent a press release that states it is an alternative for consideration, and the company will not decide which option to pursue until 2013.  Cumberland Ward Coun. Stephen Blais met with company representatives but did not comment on their plans. He said he had heard they referred to the North Russell site as a recycling centre even though the major part of it would be a landfill.  Several Ministry of Environment officials were contacted but did respond to questions regarding whether they suggested an alternative site to the proponents.  Walter Cholowski of Dump the Dump Now said he was not surprised the proponents found other land, “as they were afraid of the people of this township and had to save face, but they had again not done their due diligence.”   Vars resident Laurie McCannell said, “Taggart Miller has purchased two properties which have already been rejected. They’re suggesting site A or site B must be chosen, when the correct answer is C) none of the above. They cannot prove a need as they must, because Ottawa in fact has excessive waste disposal capacity nearby.”

Ottawa Citizen news story:
Facility would handle 300,000 tonnes of waste from Eastern Ontario
 By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen May 30, 2012

A garbage company that has been looking to build a recycling, composting and landfill site in Russell is now also considering a site at the eastern edge of Ottawa.

Taggart Miller’s plan is to take about 300,000 tonnes of waste from Eastern Ontario at its “Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre,” executive Nigel Guilford said. The company has held several public meetings in Russell Township to explain itself.

“Good project, wrong place,” was the message he said he had often received. “We decided we would look for a different site that might be equally suitable or even better, and we think we’ve found one that is just as good, if not superior.”

So, in addition to the Russell site, Taggart Miller is eyeing one south of Highway 417 and east of Boundary Road, in a small industrial area near Vars. The company will take a step back and study both to see which is more suitable, then carry on with a more detailed study of the best spot starting in 2013. That will include assessing it for environmental threats; before any new plant could open, the provincial environment ministry would have to approve. If it did, the facility might open sometime in 2015.

It would be on the same scale as the expansion planned for the Waste Management Inc. site on Carp Road near Scotiabank Place; like that facility, the one in the east end would primarily take industrial, commercial and institutional waste (“IC&I,” as it’s called) and construction materials. That waste is almost entirely regulated by the provincial government. The City of Ottawa deals with residential garbage and runs a landfill for that waste on Trail Road, but it’s only about one-third of all the waste the city produces.

The company is a partnership of Ottawa-based Taggart Group and Toronto’s Miller Waste Systems; Guilford, Miller’s general manager, was in Ottawa Monday and Tuesday to explain plans to politicians.

“This is not primarily a disposal project,” he said in an interview. The plans do include a landfill, but Miller’s goal is to recycle and compost as much as it can, Guilford said, by including sorting facilities and a composting plant from the get-go.

He said the provincial government’s target of diverting 60 per cent of Ontario’s waste from landfills was plausible, but it would take much stronger regulations to achieve it, and the usual thing for waste-disposal companies to do is plan landfills with promises to add recycling when the market warrants.

“By having everything integrated on one site, we get very significant economies,” Guilford said, though he was open the landfill was a crucial part of the plan for the company, especially in the early years.

“But this isn’t something to serve the needs for this year, or this year and next year,” he said. “We’re talking 10, 15, 20 years and beyond.” He expects to spend about $100 million in the area over the life of the facility and employ about 50 people in construction and then 30 full-timers to operate it once it’s built.

Guilford was adamant that the plan was to take waste only from Eastern Ontario and primarily from Ottawa, though it could come from as far away as Napanee. “It’s not for waste from Toronto, which is a question that’s always on someone’s mind,” he said. Nor, he added, from Quebec or New York.

Councillor Stephen Blais, who represents the area, said he was taken aback when the prospect of a landfill in Cumberland was first presented to him Thursday. “It’s caught us all a little off-guard,” he said.

Because the provincial government oversees this kind of waste, Blais’ role is largely limited to speaking for the community and trying to get answers.

“I’ve got a lot of concerns, a lot of questions, a lot of unanswered questions,” Blais said, on everything from the number of trucks that would be expected at the site to how Taggart Miller plans to handle leachate (the goop that runs out of the bottom of a landfill after rain or snow falls).

“The frustrating thing is we’re at the beginning of a long process and a lot of the questions are ones that the process is supposed to answer,” Blais said. He said that, if Taggart Miller settled on the Cumberland property and got all the ministry approvals, the facility would require a zoning change. But the planning argument against it wouldn’t likely be all that strong if it already had the provincial go-ahead.

City council’s agriculture and rural affairs committee is to debate changes to the city’s rules on rural landfills on Thursday, by coincidence, but the main revision would be to require they be at least 300 metres away from residential or institutional buildings. That’s not likely to make any difference to Taggart Miller’s plans, Blais said.

(The rule changes are a response to a different company’s attempt to build a transfer station – a holding and sorting area – for waste in Cumberland. The city held that off with an interim control bylaw, a temporary legal freeze, so the new rules could be developed. Blais said that meant it couldn’t use that tool against the much bigger Taggart Miller project, even if there were a reason to do so.)

Russell Mayor J.P. St. Pierre said the Cumberland site had a few clear advantages over the one Taggart Miller had been proposing in his township in that it was underlain by clay rather than the rock of an old quarry and was right beside the highway, but many Russell residents’ concerns would still apply.

“Some of the arguments are the prevailing winds – that’s still going to be there. The dust in the wind, that’s something to be considered in the environmental assessment, but it’s still going to be a concern,” St. Pierre said. Farmers worried about contamination of the water table will still be concerned, too. “It’s only three or four kilometres from the one they’ve been proposing.”

The nearest populated area to the Cumberland site is tiny Carlsbad Springs, about three kilometres northwest, and the larger village of Vars, about six kilometres to the east. The very closest neighbours are a Pomerleau truck yard in the Boundary Road industrial area and, across the highway, the GreyHawk Golf Club. Managers at neither establishment returned calls from the Citizen on Tuesday.


Taggart Miller – a partnership of The Taggart Group of Companies and Miller Waste Systems Inc. – is adding a second site for consideration to its environmental assessment process (EA) for a resource recovery and waste disposal facility in Eastern Ontario. Initially the EA proposed a site located in the north part of Russell Township. This second alternative site – to be considered in the EA process – is located east of Boundary Road and south of Highway 417 in the City of Ottawa near an existing industrial park. In the EA, it is proposed to first compare the two possible sites and identify one of them as the preferred site for detailed study. The proposed facility, if approved, is intended to provide a complete and innovative solution for the recycling and diversion from disposal of non-hazardous Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) and Construction & Demolition (C&D) materials and the disposal of residual materials that are not recycled or otherwise diverted.

Information on the additional site is provided below:

Health Canada advises caution when selling or buying products at Garage Sales
garage_sale_170_enGarage Sale season has officially begun and Health Canada is aware that many communities in Ottawa and surrounding areas are hosting neighbourhood garage sales.Health Canada has a number of online resources to help guide people when deciding what to buy or sell during these events. It is important to note that everyone holding a garage sale is legally responsible to ensure that products being sold meet current safety standards.Links that include helpful information and tips for sellers/buyers:·         Advisory

·         Facts for Garage Sale Vendors

·         Second-Hand Products & Garage Sales

·         Consumer Product Recalls Database

Happy Garage Sale-ing!


Carlsbad Springs Communiqué
Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – May / June edition  (main page)>>> Insert
Summer camps now offered in Carlsbad Springs!
centre2010_a_enAmazing Adventures Camp!Full day program including pre and post care. Participate in a variety of activities including out trips, theme days, swimming, and special events.Carlsbad Springs Community Centre

6020 Eighth Line Road >>> more info

Public Information Session on the Emerald Ash Borer
ashboreradult_enYou are invited to a Public Information Session on the Emerald Ash Borer Tuesday, May 15 at 7 p.m. Bearbrook Community Centre, 8720 Russell Road >>> more info
Construction on Boundary Road Underpass structure begins 15 May 2012.
BoundaryRoadHwy417_enPlease be advised that R.W. Tomlinson Ltd. will commence construction activities on Boundary Road Underpass structure on May15, 2012. The location of the construction zone is as follows: 500 m South of the West North/South 417 off ramp to 500 m North of the East North/South 417 off ramp.  The total duration of this project is 2 years. Yearly construction start and end dates are as follows:2012 – May 14, 2012 to December 3, 20122013 – May 14, 2013 to December , 2013During each stage of construction, traffic flow over the Boundary Road structure will be reduced to single lane of traffic using temporary traffic signals, for approximately 300m. Please be assured that should any emergency service vehicle approach the working area they will be given priority passage.



Zoning By-law to include provisions for outdoor hydronic heaters (OHH)/outdoor wood burning boilers
NCB outdoor furnace_enCommunity information session on May 24 from 6:30 to 8pm at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road).   The Planning Department recommends amending the Zoning By-law to include provisions for outdoor hydronic heaters (OHH)/outdoor wood burning boilers, to ensure that a) OHHs are limited to rural areas excluding villages and, b) are subject to minimum lot size, setback and stack height requirements. The Department recommends grandfathering units in existence prior to the enactment of the proposed zoning by-law, but advises that all replacements be subject to the new provisions.  MORE INFO
New (Carlsbad Springs) Adult Softball website
We’re pleased to introduce our new League website (for les A’s adult baseball league in Carlsbad Springs). This is where you can find information regarding our schedule, standings, and where we’ll post league-wide announcements (i.e. game cancellations).  >>>
CSCA Movie Night for Kids update
Movie-NightCSCA_enThe Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) wants to thank the community for supporting Movie Night for Kids! As of 11 May 2012 we are very happy to announce that we will continue this community program and will be showing movies in their original languages for the kids of our community. To make a movie suggestion, please contact Joan Goyette, 613 822-2646, or Ghislaine Monette, 613 822-6643.

11 May Movie Night for Kids (English): Tangled 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Community Centre,6020 Eighth Line Road


A Facelift for the St-Laurent Church
Eglise_St-aurent_1919_enIn the past ten years, the St-Laurent church has undergone many renovations. The interior of the church was given a complete facelift and the platform at the church’s entrance was rebuilt. However, we now have to repaint the exterior walls and redo the caulking around the windows. We have retained the services of an expert contractor, who will start the work this summer at a cost of $30,000.Fundraising activities are already underway.Jardins Rochon has generously given us many hanging flower baskets. Tickets are now on sale (7 tickets for $5). Draw will take place on 13 May. To get your tickets, call Ghislaine Monette at 613 822-6643. Other community organizations will organize their own fundraising activity in the months to come. Check next month’s communiqué for more information. However, if you wish to make a personal or business donation directly to the parish and wish to have an income tax receipt, you may do so by mailing it directly to the parish: Box 121, 5958 Eighth Line Road, Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0.
dump the dump_enWhat makes Russell Township great and what is DUMP THE DUMP NOW and RUSSELL TOWNSHIP fighting for? Taggart/Miller wants to destroy hundreds of years of mindful living for cheap disposal. This video is just a taste of what we love and are fighting to protect. WATCH, LIKE AND SHARE this video. If you love our community and strive to keep it healthy, join the cause and SPREAD THE WORD. info:
OC transpo making major route change in Carlsbad Springs
busOC_enRoute 232 will be rerouted as buses will no longer be able to operate in the gravel parking lot at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre. From the community centre, buses will continue west along Eighth Line Road to Anderson and their regular route and in the afternoon will follow the reverse routing. Service will be removed from Russell Road and Leitrim. New bus stops for Park & Ride customers will be installed at the community centre on Eighth Line Road.    NOTE: at this time the Community Association does not know if this is a permanent change.  The change was initiated by OC transpo.   Route Map    Timetable
Check out our survey
What do you think about the deforestation that was done on Eighth Line Road area recently?  (see bottom left of our website and vote)We want to know!  Why this was done?   What are the plans for this area! ? Tell us what you think!   We also invite the individual responsible for it to contact us and explain to the community the reasons for this action.
Carlsbad Springs -Ramsayville Communiqué
Carlsbad Springs -Ramsayville Communiqué (April / May 2012 edition)+ insert (April – May 2012 edition)
South Fallingbrook Community Centre998 Valin St., Orléans Saturday June 2nd, 2012

10:00 am to 4:00pm


Meet over 50 exhibitors from the City of Ottawa, and other local service providers and businesses.   Come and see what Ottawa has to offer babies newborn to 18 months old, from health care to recreation. Participate in a variety of seminars such as Child Care, Infant Massage, Kindermusik ®, Baby Sign Language, and lots more. Breastfeeding, diaper change and snack areas, gift bags and door prizes.  All free of charge! Website link:


For more information, please call
613-824-0633 ext. 221 or email
Spring Cleaning the Capital
Show your community pride and join the many residents who take part each year in Cleaning the Capital. Clean up public property where you live, work or play and help keep Ottawa graffiti-free and litter-free. Register online!In 2011, over 86,000 community volunteers joined in to keep Ottawa’s parks, roadways and green spaces clean, green, graffiti and litter-free. 

For more information on Cleaning the Capital, please visit


Rural Connections April 2012
Rural Connections Newsletter April 2012
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Programs
Come & Join the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line RD).  Programs for Seniors, women, guitar lessons and more >>>more info (Powerpoint presentation)
zumba_fitness_enDates: Every wednesdays, April 4 to May 30, 2012 at 6:30 pm to 7:30pm
Instruction: Caroline Rail
Carlsbad Springs / Ramsayville Communiqué (2012 March / April edition) – your local newsletter
Carlsbad Springs Bookmobile stop moves location
Bookmobile_enThe location of the Ottawa Public Library’s Carlsbad Springs Bookmobile stop is moving from 6479 Russell Road to 6020 Eighth Line. This change will be in effect Tuesday, March 13. The stop will still take place on Tuesdays, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Follow @OttBkMobileBus on Twitter for up-to-date Bookmobile news. Visit for more information about the Bookmobile or contact 613-580-2424 x32629 or
February / March 2012 Carlsbad Springs-Ramsayville Communiqué (pdf document)
Spring / Summer Programs (City) at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
map 1You will find new and on-going programs such as badminton, volleyball, soccer and ball hockey for kids, summer camps and other programs starting at the end of March 2012.   >>>more information (pdf document). 
Zumba Class in Carlsbad Springs – update
zumba_fitness_enLocation: Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (in the gym)Address: 6020 Eighth Line Road, Carlsbad SpringsWhen: Every Wednesday, from February 15, 2012 to March 26, 2012Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Cost: $5.00 per class (drop-in) (You only pay every time you participate—no commitment)

>>>more info

Come & Join the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.
centre-des-ressources-de-l'_enWhere- Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road)When – Wednesday Mornings (930-noon) starting on March 7 

Contact Person- Michelle Lemieux # 613-741-6025 x114


>>> more information



2012 Carnival video

Carnaval 2012 (Carlsbad Springs)

Video of the 2012 Carlsbad Springs Carnival.  Note: interviews are in French.

Carnaval 2012 curling

Minute to win it (Carlsbad carnival) – video

sleigh ride Carnaval 2012

Sleigh ride video – 2012 Carnival

Carlsbad Carnival Curling “à la Flintstone”!

Happy Holidays from CSCA.wmv

Carlsbad Carnival Curling “à la Flintstone”!

OC Transpo rural service improvements: Free service on new rural shoppers’ Routes until June 30!
OC Transpo has added four new once-a-week rural shuttles to major malls that are free of charge until June 30. Four routes serving rural communities in the east and west ends run one day a week.Anyone can use the free rural shoppers’ routes. Seniors 65 and older can also take advantage of OC Transpo’s free fares on all routes all day on Wednesdays, and after noon on Mondays and Fridays.Each route runs one trip to the city in the morning, and one trip returning in the afternoon.Pick-up and departure times vary by route, so please visit or call 613-741-4390.



East end shoppers’ routes

Tuesdays: Route 202 runs from Navan, Sarsfield, Cumberland to Place d’Orléans and St. Laurent Shopping Centres.

Thursdays: Route 204 runs from Metcalfe and Greely to South Keys and Billings Bridge Shopping Centres.



Para Transpo introduces new flat rate for rural trips

A new flat rate fare of $8.25 for rural Para Transpo trips reduces fares for 96 per cent of rural residents. The new flat rate is a simpler and more equitable fare system that will help improve mobility for people with disabilities in rural areas.

2012 Carlsbad Springs Carnival: A success at new Community Centre

2012 Carnival photos of various activities.

Photos of Curling on le “puddle”, silent auction, “minute to win it” and the annual sleighride.

Because of the generosity of Carlsbad Springs residents who baked for the silent auction, the Club Optimiste was able to raise $634!

Thank you to the 2012 Carnival sponsors
The Club Optimiste de Carlsbad Springs would like to thank all businesses who supported our weekend carnival by placing an ad in the flyer distributed to all residents of the community or whether it was those who agreed to be promoted in the community centre during the event.
Special thanks to Molson, la Caisse Populaire Trillium, Fairlawn Sod, Anderson Links, Embrun Ford, Pomerleau Inc., Dust, Evans & Grandmaître, Royal Galipeau, our federal MP, Safeguard, and les Fraisières Rochon (Rochon Strawberries).  These businesses contributed generously towards the meals served during the weekend and provided prizes for the winners of the Game Show “Minute to Win It” and the curling team.
Members of the Club Optimiste really appreciated your generosity – we could not have done it without you!.
OC Transpo Park and Ride now opened at Harkness Park
route 232_OCtranspo_en

Oc Transpo has expanded Park and Ride Services at 6020 Eighth Line Road at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre (6020 Eighth Line Road). >>>information
Route 232 Downtown: Carlsbad/Vars

Weekday — Direction: Downtown


The Park & Ride previously located at the Greyhawk Golf Club, serving the residents of Carlsbad Springs, was closed on December 23. In discussions with Councillor Blais, a new Park & Ride was created at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre at 6020 Eighth Line Road.

The Park & Ride has 15 spots and is served by Route 232 departing at 6:41 am, 7:11 am, 7:41 am and arriving at 4:14 pm, 4:51 pm, and 5:51 pm. For automated schedules for Route 232 up to 6 days in advance, call 560-1000 or text 560560 9008. Information is also available on the OC Transpo website at

Customers must park only in the designated Park & Ride area at the rear of the parking lot as indicated by the signage at the lot. Parking is not allowed beside the Community Centre, as these spaces are reserved for the centre’s clients.

Optimist Club 2011 Children’s christmas party

Caisse Trillium gives back to the community
Caisse CdeC Dec 2011_enThe Caisse Populaire Trillium gave $1250.00 to the Chevaliers de Colomb in December to help the group provide assistance to families in need in the community.
Winter Chevaliers de Colomb newsletter
Conseil 9519 winter newsletter (in French)
A local teenager from Carlsbad Springs gets her first book published!

Sophie Bergeron  realized a dream in early December, to publish her first book, at age 13. The story, “L’aventure de Vent des Neiges” was launched at Ecole secondaire Gisèle Lalonde on Trim Road on December 4th.   It was a dream that came true, as she had written a regular novel but realized that it was not long enough to have it published so decided to concentrate on writing a tale about the winter holidays.  It was prepared during a French class while she was in grade 6 at Ecole Le Prelude in Chapel Hill sector in Orléans.   L’aventure de Vent des Neiges is now available in local libraries or it can be ordered via Bayard Novalis, the distributor.  Her next project will be to concentrate on her first novel.



Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – December 2011
Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – December 2011
City of Ottawa – Rural Affairs Office


Carlsbad Springs Communiqué Newsletter (November)
Communiqué – November 2011 (pdf file).
Top 5 restaurant in Ottawa!
D_SBBQ_Carlsbad_village_web_enD&S Southern Comfort BBQ is now rated 5 out of 571 restaurants in Ottawa on popular travel advice website,   >>> more info    The Food Network will also be visiting the restaurant during the weekend of Oct. 29.  More information on D&S here:   The now famous restaurant is situated at the corner of Russell Road and Boundary Road in Carlsbad Springs.
Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – October 2011 / octobre 2011
2011 October edition pdf version
About the New Water Meters
What is the Advanced Metering Infrastructure project?
This is a City initiative that will update its water meter reading system. The current reading device for water meters that is installed on the exterior of almost all homes and that records water consumption will be upgraded with newer automated meter reading technology. The new technology will automatically transmit water usage data of Ottawa businesses and residences directly into the City’s water billing system. Currently, water meters are read manually.
How will the new meter reading device work?
The new device operates on a low-power frequency (similar to a cordless telephone) and will automatically transmit water meter readings to data receivers throughout Ottawa. These receivers will then transmit the relevant billing information through to the City’s water billing system, thereby eliminating the need for manual water meter reads.
Will the new device affect my water bill?
The new water meter reading devices will improve the billing process by eliminating estimated bills. Customers will continue to receive their water bills in the same schedule as prior to the upgrade.Read more
Police Execute Search Warrant
hells_2011_enPolice raided a Hell’s Angels compound at 5416 8th Line Road on Wednesday. A home on Millwood Court in Orléans was also raided.  More information on joint operation expected to follow.   Read and view images
CSCA on Facebook!
 Carlsbad Springs Community Association is now on Facebook!
Spring Street Culvert Replacements
Spring Street Culvert Replacements will start in November 2011
The work will be done as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to local residents and traffic,  see
Local knights of Columbus newsletter (in French)
Bulletin du mois de septembre 2011 du Conseil 9519 St-Laurent (Chevaliers de Colomb)  Edition Septembre 2011
Don’t Bruise Bikers Against Violence visits D&S Restaurant in Carlsbad
Ride Conduit sans violence_enAfter a highly successful first event for Cruise Don’t Bruise Bikers Against Violence last year the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre hosted this event again on September 17 and they wanted to make it bigger & better than last year!  This event was in support of our violence programs: Women & Violence, Children Who Have Witnessed Violence, Elder Abuse, School Based Violence Programs.  More than 75 bikes stopped at D&S for breakfast on the nice sunny Saturday morning.
New gas pump at Carlsbad Variety
new pump Carlsbad Variety_enNew pumps were installed at Carlsbad Variety in mid-September.  The clients can now pump their own gas and go inside to pay.   According to the owner this will provide a faster and better service to their customers.
Carlsbad Dodgeball League: up to a great start!

The Carlsbad Dodgeball League had a few “test” fun games on Monday Sept. 19 inside the new gym at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.    The start of the season is on Monday Sept. 26.  6 teams will meet weekly to compete in the new league.   Derek Bergeron and Lisa Hearty, the organizers were on hand to make sure everything ran smooth and to test the rules and make sure the players are aware of them.    At the beginning of a dodgeball game, the balls are lined up on the central dividing line (in some versions of the game, the balls are thrown in the air for the players to catch or divided evenly to both the teams pre-match). The players then rush towards the center line simultaneously and try to grab one of the dodgeballs and throw or roll it backwards to their teammates (they cannot pick up a ball and throw it instantly). This is known as the opening rush. Once the game has commenced, players throw balls at members of the opposing team in an attempt to eliminate their players.  When a player has been hit by a dodgeball on the full (i.e., without hitting the roof, the floor, any of the walls, or an outside object and rebounding off) and no one catches it before it becomes dead, that player has been eliminated and must move to his team’s designated bench area (players are still out if the ball rebounds off another dodgeball and/or player and hits them on the full). The same rule applies if any number of people try to catch the ball but drop it. Depending on the rules and variation, “headshots” (balls thrown in dodgeball that hit an opposing player in the head) may either result in the thrower being out, or the person being hit being out.

Rural Connections info
New community centre for Carlsbad Springs (Ottawa Citizen news story)
CSCC_GYM 2011_enBy Christopher Hofley, Ottawa Citizen July 13, 2011

Since the closing of the local elementary school in 2006, residents of Carlsbad Springs have been without a gathering spot for local events, meetings and community fundraisers.

Thanks to the head of the local community association however, the people of the small town in Ottawa’s east end have a brand new community centre to fill that void.

It was in 2006 when Denis Labreche, president of the Carlsbad Springs Community Association, put the wheels in motion on the project that would become the brand new, $3.2-million community centre.

“The starting point was about five years,” said Labreche, explaining that the initial plan was to get the necessary approvals and funding to turn the closed French Catholic School, Ecole St-Laurent, into the town’s new community centre.

That, is it turned out, was not a financially viable option.

“[The school] would have needed extensive renovations,” said Labreche. “There was no air conditioning and the septic system would have had to be repaired.”

Labreche explained that it was the City that suggested the community association seek help from the provincial and federal governments. Both governments had invested a combined $380 million tin the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Program in Ontario, as well as the Ontario Recreation Program, to be used for similar projects.

“We tried to get as much support as we could,” said Labreche. “We had to work out details of what exactly we wanted it, and where we wanted it.”

The new community centre, which opened on June 20 at a gala attended by more than 150 people, was built on a site along Eighth Line Road at a site that featured two baseball diamonds and a play structure, though the construction took over one of the existing ball diamonds.

The federal and provincial governments each contributed approximately $1 million, with the City on the hook for the rest. The project is one of more than 760 across the province being completed thanks to funding obtained under the two programs.

Because of how close he has been to the project since its infancy, Labreche said that he hasn’t yet been able to completely absorb the finished product, though his excitement over the new centre is obvious.

“This place is going to be the community hub for things like sports, meetings and community events,” he said.

The site shouldn’t have any trouble accommodating those plans, with an impressive gym, a multipurpose room, office space and a big kitchen.

According to Labreche, the opening comes at a perfect time. He said that while an older average age of the area’s residents was one of the reasons behind the school’s closing, younger families are beginning to re-appear in the area.

The three levels of government, represented at the grand opening by Cumberland Ward Coun. Stephen Blais, Ottawa-Orleans MP Royal Galipeau and Ottawa-Orleans MPP Phil McNeely, all agreed that the new community centre was a significant addition to the community.

“The construction of this new facility will allow area residents to pursue healthier lifestyles and enjoy a modern and accessible recreation space,” said Galipeau.

Mayor Jim Watson echoed the MP’s comment.

“It is our goal at the City of Ottawa to ensure that recreational services are available to all citizens within the community,” said Watson. “This significant investment in Carlsbad Springs will enhance the quality of life for local residents through the provision of cultural and recreational programming as well as year-round sporting activities.”

While Labreche has been repeatedly singled out as the driving force behind getting the centre built, he directs much of the credit to the volunteers he works with, as well as the major donations from the local Caisse Populaire and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, who donated $10,000 and $14,900, respectively. Donations also allowed the community association to purchase additional features for the building, such as a digital scoreboard for the gym.

Programming at the centre will be run in part by the community association, while the City of Ottawa will also run programs out of the new location. Private parties will also be able to book the site for other events.

As for the future of the community centre, Labreche’s hopes are also modest and straightforward.

“I want this facility to be used as much as possible,” he said. “I believe that this place will be enjoyed for years and years.”

For more information on the new facility, visit

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen


The Determinator Hamburger
D_SBBQ_Carlsbad_village_web_enD&S recently introduced a challenge burger, they call it The Determinator Hamburger.
It is 5 1/2lbs. of food. It is made with 3-8oz home made burger patties, with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce,back bacon, beef brisket, three onion rings, blended cheese, chipotle mayo, 1lb. of fresh cut fries, 1lb. of creamy coleslaw and six quartered pickles. And if that’s not enough we use grilled cheese sandwiches as buns.   More info
2011 Community Association AGM: September 15
The 2011 CSCA (Carlsbad Springs Community Assocation) AGM will be held at 7pm on September 15 at the new Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, 6020 Eighth Line Road (Harkness Park).   All welcomed!  Come and visit the new community centre.Agenda:1.   Verification of quorum / Vérification du quorum2.   Review and approval of Agenda / Lecture et approbation de l’ordre du jour

3.   Review and Approval of minutes from AGM of 2010 / Lecture et   Approbation du procès verbal de l’AGA de 2010

4.  Treasurer Report / Mise à jour du trésorier

5.   Expenses to approve  / Dépenses à approuver : tapis bleus, riser.

6.   Project review from 2010-2011 and up-coming priorities for 2012

7.   Elections 2011-2012/ élection 2011-2012:

Vice-President / Vice-président(e)

Treasurer / Treasurer

Director (x2) / Directeur/trice  (x2)

New Carlsbad Springs Community Centre opens to rave reviews


(news story from Orleans Online – Fred Sherwin)


Carlsbad Springs has a new community centre and the residents of the small east community could n’t be happier or more proud.

The $3.2 million facility is a far cry from the local French Catholic school which was closed in 2006, leaving the community without a space to hold events or organize recreational activities.

The new community centre has a large gym with automated basketball nets and an electronic scoreboard, a state of the art kitchen, a separate meeting room and a staff office. It is also fully accessible.

About 150 people celebrated the opening with a ribbon cutting and gala dinner on Saturday night.

Representatives from all three levels of government that funded the Stimulus Infrastrucutre Fund project were in attendance including Ottawa-Orléans MPP Phil McNeely, MP Royal Galipeau and Cumberland Ward Coun. Stephen Blais.

But the man of the hour was Carlsbad Springs Community Association president Denis Labreche who championed the project in its infancy and worked with former Cumberland Ward Coun. Rob Jellet to make it happen.

An emotional Labreche could barely contain his excitement during the opening, or his pride in helping to realize the most important project the community has seen in at least 50 years..

“i’ve been so close to the project it’s hard to appreciate how incredible it is, but its more amazing than any of us could have imagined. This is a place that will be enjoyed for years and years,” said Labreche.

The new community centre is situated on Eighth Line Road in Harkness Park. It will be used for social gatherings as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events, sporting events and meetings.



Blessing of new monument at St-Laurent church

The St-Laurent church Parish celebrated the instalation of a new monument on June 12.   The old ‘statue”  that was in front of the church had to be removed last year because it needed to much restoration.  The parisonner decided to replace the structure with a new monument representing the “St-Laurent” figure.

New Carlsbad Springs Community Centre opened June 18 during Opening Gala

Harkness Park has a new mandate and the new Carlsbad Springs Community Centre open its doors to the public.  The first event was the official opening ceremonies scheduled at 5pm followed by the Opening Gala at 6pm.

Federal, Provincial and City representatives along with the Carlsbad Springs Community Association, had a media conference and photo opportunity to mark the official opening of the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, a Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Fund project valued at $3.2 million and funded equally by all three levels of government.

The Community Centre will provide a gathering space for a rural community which lost its primary indoor recreation and cultural facility when the local primary school was closed. The facility will enhance the quality of life for local residents through the provision of cultural and recreational programming as well as year round sporting activities.  The new facility will provide a stimulus for economic development in an area where limited municipal services and facilities are available. Environmental benefits will be derived through the reduction of travel required to access recreational opportunities that used to only exist outside of the community.

The new 615 sqm community center includes a gym, a multi-purpose room, a meeting room, staff office, building foyer, servery, and exterior access to service summer baseball league use, washrooms and other ancillary spaces. The new facility will act as an anchor in the community by providing space for social gatherings as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events; sporting events and meetings.

Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – May 2011
2011 May edition (pdf file)  Local newsletter sent to 700 homes in Carlsbad Springs on May 25/26
Looking for local volunteer webmaster
You have web publishing experience? The Carlsbad Springs Community Association is looking for a volunteer webmaster to help publish weekly information to our local website. Contact us
Rental rates – New Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
Rates are effective as of July 1, 2011, and will be reviewed by City / CSCA in June 2012 – Info (pdf document)  (Note: for the  new community centre at 6020 Eighth Line Road).   Current rates in effect for the small community centre on Ninth Line Road, until transition to new centre at the end of June.
Carlsbad Springs Communiqué – March 2011
March 2011 edition
Former Ecole St-Laurent host to a film production
Eddie movie_web_enFor the last couple of days the former Ecole St-Laurent (own by the French Catholic School board) was the host of a film being shot in Carlsbad Springs.    The film “Eddie” used the old buidling as an art school to produce part of the film.  One of the main actor is Thure Lindhardt who played a cop in Angel and Demons with Tom Hanks. For more information about the film visit the following link:   This is not the first time Carlsbad Springs has been host to a film shoot.   René’s Corner store was used for a drama movie in 2006 and the former Oasis / Jack’s Trap restaurant (now D&S BBQ restaurant) was also the host of a production during the same time frame.   We were also informed that the Ottawa Police swat team is sometimes using the St-Laurent school for training exercises.
Hwy 417 pavement rehabilitation and culvert replacements – between Anderson Road and Boundary Road in Carlsbad Springs
417  map _construction project 2012_13_enAt the present time, the consultant McCormick Rankin Corporation has been mandated to conduct an Environmental Assessment Study and Preliminary Design for the Bear Brook mainline bridge rehabilitation, highway 417 pavement rehabilitation and culvert replacements for the section of hwy 417 as outlined in the Key Map.  Also included in the consultant assignment is the Detail Design of the rehabilitation of the Boundary Rd underpass structure.The Preliminary Design will include the review of the state of condition of the highway and culverts and the confirmation of the rehabilitation / replacement strategies.  Also included is the in-depth analysis of the various staging options of the Bear Brook mainline bridges.  The in-depth study of the highway staging includes the analysis of various staging options, traffic modelling, a Value Engineering workshop and a detailed cost-benefit analysis. The project includes two Public Information Centres where you and the community can hear more about the project as the design progresses and your input can be heard. The Consultant will recommend a preferred option. 

The Consultant will follow the Environment Assessment Process, obtain all relevant approvals required for the preliminary and detail designs, produce a Preliminary Design Report, and a Transportation Environmental Study Report. The Preliminary Design part of the assignment will be completed by the end of Fall 2011 whereas the Detailed Design part (rehabilitation of Boundary Rd structure) should be completed by the end of Summer 2011. The work that follows for the first portion of the assignment will be the Detail Design of bridge and highway rehabilitation and culvert replacement in 2012 and followed by construction in 2013. Once the detail design is complete for the Boundary Rd portion of the project, the bridge work will be tendered and construction work should start in early 2012. These are target milestone dates and may change as the project evolves. I can keep you posted on any potential changes to the schedule.


The corrective work strategy will improve ride and comfort of the highway and bridges. In addition to this, we will be replacing culverts that are in poor condition thus ensuring safety to the public and protecting our infrastructure.


Photos of new community centre – construction

Photos: new Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.   Construction is slow but on-going.   The Association was informed that the construction of the main building should be completed by March 2011.  Landscaping around the site will be completed during the Spring.

New email for local association
To contact your local community association please use the following
New community sign on the Eighth Line Road
Piperville sign web_enA new sign will soon be installed to promote the “historical” area known as Piperville. The area of Eighth Line Road near Anderson Road was known as Piperville because of the former NY Central railway and train station near Fairlawn Sod.  The community association was contacted about installing a sign that would promote this area as Piperville.   Although still considered Carlsbad Springs, the area will now be known as historic Piperville.  Note that a new sign promoting the community’s website ( and also the various events organized by local clubs will also be installed in the same area on current signs around Carlsbad Springs.
New website sign
website sign web_enNew website sign