Amazon, Vegetables, Burgers and a Family store…

The new Amazon building on Boundary Road in Carlsbad Springs is currently operational with 400 employees (soon to be 600+), one year after the project started.   If you compare this to the LRT project  then Broccolini should have been the chosen contractor for the light rail transit system in Ottawa!  … they built the largest building in Ottawa in less than a year with no glitch! Well at least they were not made public!

New Amazon building in Carlsbad Springs

There are now two sets of lights at the corner of Boundary Rd, one at the Hwy 417 exit and another at the Thunder Road intersection.  These lights are now lifesavers, as due to the high amount of traffic it was almost impossible to turn left or right onto Boundary Road from Thunder Road, especially during the rush hour in the morning and in the evening.   There was also a fatal accident a couple of years ago that had already justified a set of lights in that location. 

Inside an Amazon building

With all this new traffic comes new business opportunities.  There was already the Petro-Canada gas station and also the Country Grill restaurant that was there pre-Amazon but new businesses are now popping up as local entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this new wave of clients (and traffic), either just from the previous traffic (from commuters traveling to and from the Russell area or from the new wave of employees that are now making this part of town their daily commute.     

There is a new restaurant selling pizza during the day from a chip stand truck, a new “family store” selling everything from ketchup to pampers for kids and a vegetable stand (Partners in produce – a local farm from the Russell area) that is renting space beside the grill restaurant near the gas station to sell a variety of vegetables.   This area is just starting up as the Embrun Coop recently purchased a property beside Amazon and they will certainly build a new service building in the near future on that site, possibly another gas station or another restaurant?    

New Family store
Pizza wood oven on Boundary Rd near Family store

Further down the road there is another building being built, this one is another large truck transition facility (re: Day Ross Freight) where large trucks will come and deliver their merchandise and smaller delivery trucks will pick various items to deliver them to different stores.   This building is situated just down the road at the corner of Boundary Road and Mitch Owens. It started construction this past spring.  We also noticed that there are many other properties that are either for sale or for lease proposing “to build ” on different properties around the Amazon building and near the highway.   We still do not know why all the trees were removed on the property behind the gas station on Thunder Road. 

Before and after – Boundary Road at Hwy 417

Additionally what started this whole interest in the Boundary Road / Hwy 417 boom was the Taggart-Miller consortium facility known as the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC).

We were told that they should start building by 2020 and be operational in a couple of years.   This was a very sensitive project for many due to the proposed “dump” that will complement the recycling component of the project.     For the latest news on this project please visit http://crrrc.ca/whatsnew.htm.   There were two community groups that were created opposing this facility, the Dump the dump group based in Russell Township and the Dump the Dump 2 group from Carlsbad Springs and Vars community.    To obtain an update on the group and the project visit this page:  http://dumpthedumpnow.ca/includes/docs/agm_CESA-EO_TaggartMillerDumpUpdate_2019-05-22_en.pdf

Partners in produce – a local farm from the Russell area