The Carlsbad Springs Community Association

The Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) is a not-for-profit organization of community volunteers who are interested in making a difference in our community.


The CSCA strives to :

develop and foster community spirit
support the development of community social well-being and economic growth
expand communications between residents
promote the creativity and realization of community initiatives.
We achieve our objectives by applying for grants; soliciting for both monetary and consultative contributions; elaborating effective networking and partnership opportunities; and representing the interests of the community where and when necessary.

This website and the Carlsbad Springs Communiqué newsletter are our primary tools to bring the community together online and share information with each other. is the place to express YOUR IDEAS, it’s YOUR FORUM.   Sent us your comments and questions at

CSCA Executive members:

  • Denis Labreche President
  • Ghislaine Monette VP
  • Manon Allaire Secrétaire
  • Sue Langlois Tresorier
  • Pierre Paquette Directeur
  • Lucie Régimbald, Directrice
  • René Langlois Directrice
  • Jacques Sicotte, Directeur (represents the Club Age d’or St-Laurent senior group).

CSCA volunteers

Police Record Check: (The issue is discussed and the CSCA adopted this policy.)

As a result of the agreement between the Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) and the City of Ottawa regarding the Community Centre, and other funding, the CSCA ensures that its members and volunteers complete a police record check.

In summary, all employees, job applicants, and volunteers exposed to certain risks will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check and submit a Canadian Police Certificate prior to completing his or her responsibilities.

Community Projects (Past and up-coming)

Carlsbad Springs Community Association projects and initiatives:

  • Multi-service centre for the community / New community Centre at Harkness park
  • Water and toilets for the Harkness Park
  • Community signs
  • Trickle Water System
  • Play structure move ffom St-Laurent school
  • High Speed Internet for residents
  • Street lights in village area
  • Community Centre management and reservations
  • Carlsbad Springs Communiqué newsletter
  • Carlsbad Springs website ( and facebook page

Agreements with the City of Ottawa

  • Partnership Agreement and Community Centre Agreement with City of Ottawa
  • Play Structure agreement
  • Outdoor rink aggrement for Norm Childs park and Harkness Park


  • Sports and Leisure activities
  • Club Age d’or St-Laurent (French senior club)
  • Dodgeball League
  • Ball Hockey recreational
  • Minor Ball (currently not active)
  • Les A’s (3 pitch softball league)
  • Tole Painting
  • Yoga group
  • Zumba group