About Us – CSCA

What We Do?  The Carlsbad Springs Community Association

Established in 2004, the Carlsbad Springs Community Association is proud to be very active and involved in the community. We are well known to residents, our elected representatives and in the community.  In 2019 the Association will celebrate its 15th anniversary.

The 8 executives of the association is made up of Carlsbad Springs and Edwards residents who volunteer their time and work together to build a better community.  Every residents living in the Carlsbad Springs area are automatically a member of the Association and are eligible to become part of our executive board.   The association was started in the first years when our community was amalgamated with the City of Ottawa from the City of Gloucester / Cumberland township era.   There are over 1000 homes in Carlsbad Springs, Ramsayville, Piperville and Edwards area with a population of approximately 2000 residents (based on 2 persons per household average).   Our mandate is to be on top of issues that affect residents, to bring a sense of belonging and inclusivity to all and to nurture positive neighborly attitudes for everyone’s safety and security, so we can all call this home.

Many of our Board member acts as a liaison to internal and external organizations that impact the community, some represent social clubs while others are individuals that care about our community.  We work closely with the following community groups:

  • Le Club Optimiste de Carlsbad Springs
  • La Paroisse St-Laurent
  • Chevaliers de Colomb – Conseil 9519
  • Club Age d’or St-Laurent
  • Dump the Dump 2
  • Top Generations Club
  • City of Ottawa (traffic, by-law services, roads, transportation, planners, Ottawa Police Service, ward councilor)

The association coordinates seasonal activities throughout the year to build relationships among residents and nurture community awareness and involvement. Over the years, these activities have included:

• Cleaning the Capital
• Summer BBQ
• Winter carnival
• Movie night in the park

The CSCA has established a variety of tools to communicate with the community.  It manages the local website (carlsbadsprings.ca) and our Facebook page and also publishes a monthly newsletter (Le / The Communiqué).  In the Communiqué you will find articles and information about the community, social clubs events and other important community announcements, updates on issues and projects and local / regional news.  It is published monthly (from September to June), and sent to residents that are subscribed via an email link.  Currently we have over 300 subscribers.  You can subscribe at carlsbadsprings.ca. 

Our latest communication project is our low power radio station, currently known as Carlsbad Info Radio – CJRO FM available on 107.7 FM in most of Carlsbad Springs / Edwards area and also available online at carlsbadsprings.ca.   The radio station is still in its infancy and we are working hard to improve it.  In 2018, in partnership with the Vars Community Association we plan to modify the tourist radio station’s mandate and change it to a bilingual community-run radio station.  This will be done via a CRTC application that is currently being prepared.  If successful this will expand the radio programming and the station will become a community radio station serving Carlsbad Springs and the village of Vars.   In 2018 the Association is considering selling annual household memberships to support CJRO FM for $25.   The funds collected will help finance the propose community radio project and will also help finance the monthly newsletter.   More details will be announced at a community meeting on January 25 to explain the project.

The CSCA organizes sports and leisure programming at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre.   Working with volunteers it offers a variety of programming for residents that are held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre weekly.

Additionally the CSCA is responsible for the reservations at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre for private rentals such as anniversaries, baby showers, family parties and community events organized by social groups.  To request a room or inquiry about availability you can visit the local website (see reservations calendar) or send an email carlsbadreservations@gmail.com

The Association is also responsible for the new outdoor rink at Harkness park, assisting the rink maintenance coordinator and also hires a rink supervisor that opens and closes the Centre during the Winter rink season in January and February.

The Association holds monthly meetings during which local representatives make short presentations and answer questions from residents and discuss projects and issues.  Presenters may include the ward councilor or his assistant, city services rep and social club reps.  The meetings are held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre from September to May, meetings start at 7pm.

Every September the CSCA holds its annual general meeting to which all residents are invited. The association will recap the happenings during the last year and get updates about what is upcoming. Board members are elected at this meeting.

We are always looking for new executive members and volunteers to help with our new and on-going projects.

To contact the Association please send us an email at info@carlsbadsprings.ca



This oddly named community was the location of Eastman’s Springs P.O., better known today as Carlsbad Springs. The community briefly boomed during the health spa craze of the late Victorian age (see Carratraca Springs under Prescott County). While Eastman’s Springs and (from 1906) Carlsbad Springs were the approved post office names for the village, the local preference was Cathartic.   Obviously, the name was given because of the beneficial (i.e., cathartic) effects ascribed to the hot springs. Cathartic frequently appeared on the maps in the late 1800s, but Carlsbad Springs is now the only recognized name for the community. Carlsbad Springs, incidentally, was the name of a well-known spa in Bohemia.