Some of you have contacted us to inquire about Bell working in the village on the last week of February / early March 2019.   We were informed that Bell is extending their cable fiber optic (that was installed about 4-5 years ago on Russell Road) and they are extending the fiber to connect and provide service to the new Amazon building at 417 and Boundary Road. The current fiber optic ends in front of the Carlsbad Springs Post Office and the Moscatel Bridal Boutique inside a communication box beside the entrance of the boutique.  From there Bell is digging and installing underground conduits (in the middle of Winter and under all this snow… it must be urgent!  Especially with the ground all frozen) and adding a couple of fiber cable inside this new orange conduit.   At that point the conduit will terminate near the Ultramar and will connect into the poles to connect to new fiber that was installed in the hydro poles on Boundary Road up to the new Amazon building.   The big question we had from residents was: “Will this fiber optic provide high speed Internet to homes that do not have it?”   We are not sure what are the plans for Bell.  Will Bell interconnect this new fiber to the old analog POTS system?  and will it provide service to homes in the area?   If someone can answer this for us please email us at   From what we know this would be Fiber to the neighborhood (FTTN) service and could provide Bell TV and Internet service to homes that are up to 1000 feet (300 metres) from this node with up to 50 MB unlimited service.  The Bell node is beside Ecole IBN Batouta school on Russell Road.   The node is where the POTS (old analog phone connections) are situated and where Bell could interlink them with this new fiber.  Unfortunately homes that are farther away from this node would not be able to access this service such as high speed Internet as to get DSL service a home needs to be at least 300 metres from the node.  Bell could offer it at up to 2 km but it would have very limited speed at this distance due to the interconnection with old copper wires it needs to be in the 0-300 metres range.   See photos below about this project:

  Amazon building