From Derek Behan – GoFundMe campaign organizer –

Our neighbours who have lived in Carlsbad Springs their entire lives and are in need of their our help. They have had a fire which has destroyed the upper level of the home and has caused extensive water damage throughout the home. This happened today at 10 am due to a chimney fire which was caused by squirrels that had packed leaves and hay  around the chimney.
The Pitman’s have refused help from the Red Cross and Salvation Army and are staying in the undamaged side of the home.

Due to the age of the home which was built well over a 100 years ago they were unable to purchase home insurance until many upgrades were made.

Mr. Pitman is a very hard working and quiet man who would never asked for any assistance from anyone even in this time of need.

I am setting up this page as I have a great deal of respect for Michael Pitman and I believe this would at least help with the rebuild of the roof and second floor of their family home.

To help, please visit the link below.