Currently Carlsbad Springs has  two radio stations.  Carlsbad Radio is available online on (right side menu on main page) or you can access it here. Carlsbad Radio has music and community information and is currently only available online.  It is licence by Socan to play music, a variety of English and French music.

The other station is a tourist community information station that is available in Carlsbad Springs on 107.7 FM, known as Carlsbad Info Radio, CJRO FM.  This station provides tourist and community information to residents and the public.  It has no music as it is only licenced as a tourist public station currently.

The goal in 2019 is to eventually merge the two services into one where the new combined service would be available online and on FM in Carlsbad Springs on 107.7 FM and also in Vars on 107.9 FM.  A CRTC audience for CJRO FM is schedule on December 12, 2018.     More information here about the CRTC audience   The new station, if granted a licence will be known as Carlsbad Vars Radio and will be available online and on FM as indicated above.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or you are interested in volunteering for the radio send us an email to   We are looking for volunteers that have an interest in music and would be interested in producing their own community shows.