The (CSCA) Association recently learned that a new building is proposed (pending City of Ottawa approval) at the corner of Mitch Owens Road and Boundary Road, just south of Hwy 417 near the new Amazon building.  The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to accommodate the development of a 4,990 m2 single storey warehouse facility with approximately 62 truck loading bays and 52 parking spaces at 9460 Mitch Owens Road and 5592, 5606 and 5630 Boundary Road.   We were told that it will be a “transportation terminal” to be used by large trucks to bring merchandise and then smaller trucks will be used to pickup and deliver to other areas in Ottawa.

Still pending is the Taggart-Miller facility (re: Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC)) that is dealing with various authorizations and legal matters that is slowing down their timeline.  This complex is being planned at Boundary Road at Devine Road and Frontier Road.  More info here:

Another source told us that there is a plan to have another large building at Cooper Hill Road and Boundary Road just south of Hwy 417.  No details about this project is available. 

Proposal Details (for the Mitch Owens building project above):   The subject properties are located at the south-west corner of the intersection of Mitch Owens Road and Boundary Road.  The properties, together with the pending road allowance closure, has a combined lot area of approximately 4.2 hectares (42,000 m2) with approximately 152 metres of frontage on Mitch Owens Road and 252 metres of frontage on Boundary Road. The subject properties are currently vacant with the southern portion of 5630 Boundary Road and the northern edge of 9460 Mitch Owens Road maintaining tree cover. A narrow dirt road crosses through the subject properties and was initially intended as a public road. A road closure application was passed by City Council in December 2018 to accommodate the development of the properties.

Surrounding uses including a mix of vacant treed land, to the north, west and east, agricultural lands, to the west on the north side of Mitch Owens Road, and various rural industrial land uses on either side of Boundary Road to the north of the subject properties. These rural industrial uses include, but are not limited to: automotive repair and recycling, heavy construction equipment storage, and repair and landscaping contractors. A few existing detached dwellings are located to the west and east of the subject properties.

The site plan application proposes to construct a 4,990 m2 single storey warehouse facility with approximately 62 truck loading bays and 52 parking spaces. A separate on-site parking area is proposed for employees, accounting for 12 of the 52 parking spaces. Two access points are proposed for the property, one from Mitch Owens Road and the second from Boundary Road; the warehouse compound is proposed to be fenced with sliding gate access for truck entry.

Related Planning Applications Road closure application D07-14-18-0006 was passed by City Council in December 2018 to accommodate the proposed development of the subject properties.

Roadway Modifications Road modifications are proposed on Mitch Owens Road and Boundary Road to facilitate truck movements in and out of the site.

Timelines and Approval Authority The “On Time Decision Date”, the target date upon which a decision on the application is to be rendered by the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department, via delegated authority, is March 12, 2019.

How to Provide Comments: For additional information or to provide your comments go through or contact*:

Sarah McCormick Planner II Development Review, Rural Services 110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th floor Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1 613-580-2424, ext. 24487 *Please provide comments by February 5, 2019.

2019-01-07 – Application Summary – D07-12-18-0198