Until Amazon makes it official the 1 million square feet building that is being proposed at Hwy 417 and Boundary Road near Carlsbad Springs is still pending even if it was confirmed by local MP’s the City of Ottawa and Amazon have not yet confirmed that it will be coming to Ottawa or to that specific location.   For now visit the following link provided by the City of Ottawa for more details on the proposed project for that area.   From what we understand this could replace the planned “truck stop” that was originally proposed by East Gate Properties for that same location.   For now, two major projects are planned for Hwy 417 / Boundary Road area, the first one is the controversial Taggart-Miller consortium project while the second is now the rumoured Amazon distribution centre that would serve Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.   If those two projects both go ahead that will mean up 1500 jobs for that area between those two projects.  Additionally those two large projects will certainly attract additional businesses in the area and create more employment opportunities and economic development.

What is being proposed?

The applicant proposes to construct a 95,061.9 m2 (1,023,238 ft2) single-storey warehouse facility with 99 truck loading bays and 1,008 parking. Separate on-site parking areas will be provided for employees and trucks. The site will have two access from Boundary Road. The first access will be opposite Thunder Road for employees and visitors to the site and the second access will be approximately 185 m south of Thunder Road for trucks. The first access will lead to parking area located along the west and north sides of the building. The principle entrance to the building will be on the north façade of the building. The second access for trucks will lead to a secure loading area and docks along the south façade of the building. The site will be landscaped to address travellers moving at highway speeds along Highway 417 and to provide visual interest to motorists crossing the bridge over the highway. The existing Rogers Communications tower will be re-located as part of the development of the site to a new location on site to the south. The development will receive its water service via the Carlsbad Springs Trickle Feed System and sewage will be processed by means of an on-site private sewage collection and treatment facility. The proposed building will be significantly larger than other existing industrial developments in the Rural Employment Zone but will be compatible with adjacent uses. The north façade of the building will be enhanced with glass and articulation to enhance the view of the parking areas and Highway 417.

Below is a link with the application details for the proposed project:


Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks at the new Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Brampton, Ontario:

Examples of a large Amazon distribution centre:

Proposed site at Hwy 417 and Boundary Road:

Total Future Conditions – Roads in the area:  what is planned?

North Ramp Terminal/Boundary Road The north ramp terminal is expected to operate at an acceptable Level of Service with the existing controls and lane geometry. No additional road modifications are recommended based on the 2029 projected traffic.

South Ramp Terminal/Boundary Road With the road improvements presented in the approved functional design the south ramp terminal is expected to operate with a maximum v/c of 0.85 in 2019, 0.87 in the 5-year horizon and 0.91 in the 10-year horizon. The analysis of the 10-year horizon is based on a number of assumptions including a 2% annual growth rate over a 10-year period. No additional road modifications are proposed, however monitoring of the future traffic conditions is recommended.

Thunder Road/ Employee Site Access/Boundary Road Traffic signals are justified at the Thunder Road intersection based on delay to cross traffic under the 2019 total conditions. A southbound left-turn lane and northbound right-turn taper are recommended.

Site Truck Access/Boundary Road The proposed access would be stop-controlled with free flow conditions on Boundary Road. Acceptable operating conditions are expected in 2019 and the 5-year horizon.

The 2029 total traffic conditions indicate a failing LOS for the westbound movement based on a delay of 63 seconds. Traffic signal justifications were analyzed for this intersection and based on the Ontario Traffic Manual traffic signals are not warranted. Monitoring of the future traffic conditions is recommended.

Mitch Owens Road/Boundary Road All of the modifications at the Mitch Owens/Boundary Road intersection are related to the existing/background traffic. The installation of signals at Mitch Owens and Boundary Road would improve delay.

Functional Design

South Ramp Terminal/Boundary Road The modifications at the South Ramp Terminal/Boundary Road intersection are related to the existing/background traffic. These modifications were approved by the MTO and the City:

▪ Install traffic control signals ▪ Add a northbound left-turn lane with a storage length of 45 meters ▪ Add an eastbound left-turn lane with a storage length of 30 meters ▪ Provide an eastbound right-turn channel

Thunder Road/Site Access/Boundary Road The modifications required to access the site at the Thunder Road/Site Access/Boundary Road intersection are development related. The northbound left-turn lane is required based on existing traffic volumes. The recommended design includes:

▪ Install traffic control signals ▪ Add a northbound left-turn lane with a storage length of 15 meters ▪ Add a northbound right-turn taper with a taper length of 60 meters ▪ Add a southbound left-turn lane with a storage length of 70 meters

Site Truck Access/Boundary Road A new access is proposed to provide ingress/egress for delivery trucks. A southbound left-turn lane with a storage length of 25meters is required based on the advancing/opposing arterial through traffic on Boundary Road.