Broccolini has been granted permission to do overnight work when necessary at their site to complete the road modifications so that they can finish asap. The Roadway Modifications involves three intersections along Boundary Road adjacent to the project. Two of the three intersections will require signalization. Street lighting will be required in the area as well. The northernmost intersection includes modification to the highway offramp and is considered to be in the MTO right-of-way. The two other intersections are on City of Ottawa property. With a project scope of this nature, the bulk of this work must be completed this fall, prior to winter. As such, they are running into conflicting scheduling issues with subtrades having to work in the same area at the same time. Hydro Ottawa has already commenced their expansion and cannot stop their daytime work activities.

  • Dates requested – present – December 1st 2018
  • Work time – 11:00pm -5:30am
  • Type of work: culvert and drainage structure installation, importing granular material, compaction, paving.
  • Sources of noise: Mechanical shovels, rollers, diesel vibrating plates, backhoes, dumptrucks, paving machines.

The work will take place in three areas. The 417 offramp, the intersection of Boundary Rd and Thunder Rd, and our new truck entrance located to the south end of our site. Each location is circled in blue on the attached.

No work over night should be taking place near any homes.