A friendly reminder that the CSCA AGM will be held on Thursday Sept 20 at 7pm (6020 Piperville Road).

Please bring a friend, a family member and / or your new neighbours interested in the community!

With the arrival of Amazon and possibly of Taggart-Miller we need your support and your guidance for a strong and united community association.  Projects for this year includes looking at options for a 2nd baseball field at Harkness Park, improving our parking lot conditions at the Community Centre and our CRTC application to create a low power community radio service for Carlsbad Springs and the village of Vars. 


  1. Verification of quorum / Vérification du quorum

  2. Review and approval of Agenda / Lecture et approbation de lordre du jour

  3. Review and Approval of minutes from AGM of 2017 / Lecture et Approbation du procès verbal de lAGA de 2017

  4. Treasurer Report / Mise à jour du trésorier (Sue)

  5. CSCA 2019 Propose Budget / Budget pour 2019

  6. Expenses to approve / Dépenses à approuver
    pour 2019.

  7. Up-coming priorities for 2019 / Priorités pour 2019
    Elections:  President , Secretary,  Directors (x2) 
    Next meeting / prochaine réunion: (19 sept, 2019 / sept. 19, 2019)  

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