The Association received the news that the D&S BBQ restaurant building in Carlsbad Springs will be for sale in the near future and it will not re-open under the current owner.  According to the owner Dave Harper, he will not be returning to the restaurant business and has made the decision to sell the building.   Facebook post from the owner:  “It is with a truly sad and crushed heart that I say to my fans and customers that we will not be reopening. Long story short, big flood, long time to fix, lost employees, not going to go through a reopening with all green people.  It almost killed me the first time, it surely would take me in the condition I am in now. I miss the food as well. I love you all and goodbye. Love Dave.” 

Rumours were circulating that a craft beer venture was possibly interested in that location but at this time we have no other information on a future owner or tenants.