2017-11-14 – Application Summary – D02-02-17-0097

The City of Ottawa has received an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and Zoning Bylaw Amendment (ZBA) to permit an integrated waste management site which includes facilities for the purpose of recovery and recycling of waste in addition to a land fill area.
Proposal Details
The subject lands are located southeast of the Boundary Road Highway 417 interchange. More specifically, the site is located east of Boundary Rd., west of Frontier Rd. and north of Devine Rd.
The site is approximately 175 hectares in size and for the most part is vacant. Land uses surrounding the site are primarily made up of a mix of commercial/light industrial, agricultural and a very limited amount of residential.

Agriculture uses can be found immediately east of the site, to the southeast, south and southwest. Additionally, areas of undeveloped land exist between the site and the agricultural lands. Industrial land uses appear to be predominate along the west and northern portion of the site. The lands to the north of the site are proposed for an industrial subdivision (East Gateway Properties, Draft Approved April 27, 2017 File # D07-16-14-0024), which is to include a Long-Combination Vehicle Transportation facility. Residential uses on the subject lands are limited to a few homes near the northern end of Frontier Road. These properties are currently under Taggart Miller Environmental Services ownership and are to be removed upon construction of the facility. There are also seven residences mixed in with the commercial/industrial uses along Boundary Road. The Greyhawk Golf Club is on the north side of Highway 417.

The OPA and ZBA applications have been submitted to the City as a part of the implementation of the recent approval of the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Provincial Cabinet. The CRRRC will include:

 Materials recovery and recycling facilities for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) and  Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste;  An organics processing facility for the portion of the IC&I waste stream that has high organic  content;  A contaminated soil treatment and management of surplus soil facility;  A landfill gas collection facility;  A leachate pre-treatment facility; and  A residual waste disposal facility, with a capacity of 10.7 million cubic metres.

The Minister’s approval was granted on May 31, 2017. The Ministry’s website has a page where information about the environmental assessment can be found: https://www.ontario.ca/page/capital-region-resource-recovery-centre.

As part of the EA process a preferred site development concept was identified. The preferred site development concept was provided in the EA documentation (Figure 4). . Primary access to the site will be from Boundary Road. This is the access location that was examined during the EA. The Traffic Report is found in TSD 9. This entrance is to be located immediately south of 5455 Boundary Road (Pomerleau). The development of the site will include (as shown on Figure 4):

 an administration building;  inbound and outbound weight scales;  employee parking;  small load drop-off parking;  a material recovery facility;  a construction & demolition material processing facility;  a maintenance garage;  an organic pre-processing facility;  an organics processing facility;  a secondary digester;  a flare and power generation;  a compost processing and storage pad;  a surplus soil stockpiles area;  a petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil treatment area;  a petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil storage building;  a leachate pre-treatment facility;  a sludge dewatering pad;  a leachate treatment equalization pond or tank;  treated leachate effluent ponds or tanks;  various storm and fire ponds; and  a landfill