This is a call from the Carlsbad Springs Community Association (CSCA) for
news and events for the period September 1 to 30, 2017 that your club /
organization / community group would like to share with the community.
Your news will be shared throughout the newsletter, The / le Communiqué.
The community publication is sent via email to our distribution subscriber
To most efficiently and accurately produce the newsletter, the CSCA
suggests you follow the guidelines for submission listed below:
•Send your text, article and photos to:
•Please replies to this email with your final English or French text, up
to 300 words are accepted.  You are responsible for translation if you
choose this option you can therefore submit two articles, one in English,
one in French both up to 300 words.  The Association will not translate
the content.
•All articles must be submitted by email.
•Spell/grammar-check your text before submitting.
•Proof all articles for fact accuracy before submitting.
•Consider adding photos to your article for visual interest and recognition.
•Please submit in electronic format (word only).
•Give a file name which indicates the subject of the photo (e.g.,
subject’s name or event description, date).
•The right to fill the Communiqué with our community’s news is reserved.
We need to receive your content before the 26th of each month to guarantee
that it will be included in the next edition.
Thank you for your submission for the next issue of the Communiqué.
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